Thursday, August 13, 2015

slogging through the week

Or so it seems. 

I've been focused on one particular project: coping with the 8,000 itchy insect bites on my feet.  I am a magnet, especially late in the day if I am outdoors. Last Sunday night I had the joy of watching David, one of my handsome and talented grandsons,play baseball in the Little League regional playoffs.

And despite my liberal application of OFF!(I want my money back) the mosquitos made a meal of my feet and had a few tastes of my neck. I will spare you the image, but the itching has kept me awake every night. I counted about 20 bites on my left foot, alone. Yes, I've tried every remedy:benadryl gel, vinegar, aspirin paste, and every other folk/drugstore anti-itch thing you can name. Benadryl pills work best, but they're not perfect.  

I am leaving for Alaska on Monday and was NOT happy to read this article in the NYTimes on Tuesday. BUT I just did some research on natural mosquito repellents: mint, rosemary, cloves, garlic - lemongrass, and catnip oil.  I guess a trip to Whole Foods is in order in the morning.  Swell

Have any of you had success with any of these natural repellents? Meantime, I am going to take a benadryl and go to bed.


Lisa Filion said...

handsome indeed! A trip to Alaska sounds fun!

Beverly said...

My younger son is also a mosquito magnet, and I think he's had some success with the essential oils. Don't forget the citronella!

mckittycat said...

Use a repellant with DEET - although a chemical it's the best repellant. Don't wear blue - it's been shown to attract Mosquitos. Don't wear scented products - also an attractant. Spray your clothes and hat.

Karaquilts said...

This is often my story. I just heard from someone I know and trust that Listerine sprayed liberally on the skin, clothes and surrounding spaces will deflect mosquitos. I have not yet tried it, but know people who have used it with success. I hope the bugs will not interfere with your wonderful trip.

Gerrie said...

One reason I like living in Portland, no mosquitos. I am lucky that they do not like me - something about my body chemistry or tough hide. In North Carolina, we used a product from Avon - I forget the name - but it was quite effective.

Enjoy your trip to Alaska.

Karen Amelia Brown said...

I have had continued success with Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent. I searched google and it is available in several places. Hope Alaska is great for you.

PRK said...

Years ago I learned in the Philippines to use Vicks Vaporub on mosquito bites (and other such itches). It works fine and I still use it.

Laura McGrath said...

An 85 yr old lady in North Carolina told me to use Absorbine Jr on bug bites to relieve itching, and it worked. It's supposed to be a muscle pain reliever, so that's where you can find it in the drug store. And I just read somewhere that your blood type is what makes Mosquitos favor certain people over others, but haven't seen scientific proof.

Mary P Smith said...

This is not a quick fix. B-Complex 100 supplement, not part of an multi-vitamin. You need to take it for months to get results. I have been taking it daily and hardly ever get bits anymore. Something to consider for the long term.

Martha Ginn said...

Hi, Rayna,

I just read your blog--sorry about the mosquito bites and your misery! I swear by my mother's remedy, taught her by her pest control guy, and I've seen it instantly bring relief to a child whose leg was covered in fire ants. I keep some mixed at all times for ANY insect bite or sting.

A pint bottle of rubbing alcohol
Dissolve a bottle of white, uncoated aspirin into it
An ounce of oil of camphor

I never have the camphor so just dissolve aspirin in alcohol and keep in a small bottle; rub on with a cotton ball.

Hope this helps! Enjoy your Alaska trip!
Martha Ginn

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