Wednesday, November 04, 2015

a colorful day

So after the fiasco in the pouring rain at Houston when all the color washed out of my hair and down my face, I decided to have it done right.  If you've seen my Facebook post, you already know that when I went for a haircut this morning I also asked my hairdresser to give me a couple of streaks of color -- treated myself as an early b.d. present.

I had blue streaks in July 2012, when my granddaughter Rebecca was here visiting and encouraged me to do it myself.  Here we are.  I actually went to a wedding like that, but then it washed out and that was that.  

Here I am this morning, a little more blonde, a little more turquoise, and a bit more subtle - maybe.  I am happy, no matter what my daughters think! 

I have been working for weeks, ten minutes at a time, quilting a piece I started last month. Finally finished with that part -- just as the spool of yellow thread ran out.

I have something else I've been playing with and I'm not really happy with it but after having taken it apart because i put it together in the wrong order, I decided to stick a fork in it.  I started quilting it tonight but am too tired to do any more. 
 Have a busy day tomorrow and the one hour time difference is making me hungry and tired an hour earlier than I should. G'night.


Kaja said...

Love the hair! Grown-up but quirky. I also like your variegated threads against the piecing.

Mostly Turquoise said...

Your hair is beautyful! Like Kaja said, grown-up but not too much! Have a lovely day!

The Noodler said...

I like your hair. I've been thinking about getting highlights, and you've helped me decide to do it.

Linda Hicks said...

Thatawaytogo! Both are super!

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