Wednesday, October 28, 2015

notes to self...

1. Do not sit down at the sewing machine at 10:pm and attempt to quilt.

2. Keep red wine and peanut butter on toast away from your cutting table.

3. When you attach one row of units to another, do not attach it upside down. 

4.  Keep a vast supply of seam rippers handy.  

5.  Never run out of dark chocolate. 

I got home from Houston after midnight on Monday, totally exhausted and totally inspired.
Carried home a treasure trove of fat quarters that I was dying to use immediately, but so far have only unpacked, sorted, and put them into baggies till I get to them.
Slept off the exhaustion till 9:am and then spent the morning paying bills, picking up my new eyeglasses, and dealing with a fraudulent credit card charge that was made Monday in Houston. The charge was for Spotify (huh????)  Either the hotel, the super shuttle, or Uber had an employee that liked my card.  It was cancelled immediately and they are overnighting a new one.  Damn!  Just when I had finally memorized the number, I have to start all over again. I am glad Chase is so vigilant but by the time I was done with the morning, I had lost all my inspiration.

I just sewed aforementioned group of units back the way I had originally intended and I will tackle the rest in the morning, after I am rested.  Maybe.



Mostly Turquoise said...

Haha, Rayna, of course 10 a.m. for quilting is asking for problems! For me also very important would be: keep enough reading glasses throughout the house, I have one in every possible reading nook, counting 10 currently, plus some extra reading cq sunglasses since Spain is very sunny most of the time, as you know. Thanks for commenting on my blog, love it!

patty a. said...

Those sound like some good rules that all of us need to follow! I am just now catching up on your posts about going to Houston. I have always wanted to go to Quilt Market just once. I have never been to Houston to the International Quilt Festival either. Sounds like you have a wonderful time catching up with friends!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Ahhh, number 5 is number 1 on my list! Settled in and back to the studio...wishing you great days ahead!

Anonymous said...

I see you brought home some of those new solids that you mentioned in the last post. Beautiful!
While I was in Italy recently, someone used my credit card to buy plane tickets in Russia. (At least I know what a plane ticket is, since I also do not know "Spottify".) Like you, I am now waiting for a new credit card.
Thanks for the tips on red wine, peanut butter and dark chocolate! :-)

Lisa Filion said...

All very good points to note!!! Looking forward to seeing what is in the baggies!

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