Wednesday, January 27, 2016

soup weather - even in south Florida

Yeah, yeah - I know it's warm here.  But it is also raining, and to me, rain means soup weather, no matter what the temps.  It's a comfort thing - like ironing.

After I spent an hour browsing through the NY Times cooking app's 1,421 soup recipes, i decided I wasn't in the mood to follow a recipe.  So I grabbed the soup bones in my freezer, got out my pressure cooker, and cleaned out the rather sad looking vegetable drawer.
The bagged spinach was past its sell-by date; the rice was leftover from last night's stir-fry, those cute little peppers were on their way out; the tiny zucchini was dimpled, and there is a lone carrot there somewhere behind the spinach.  That was it!  I grabbed a new onion from the counter, an open bag of lentils, a can each of chickpeas & tomato paste, some garlic, spices, and a hunk of good parmesean cheese to add to the rescued veggies. (I did not use the Chinese eggplant, scallions, broccoli and the baby bok choi I bought yesterday...)

Into the pressure cooker with six cups of water, 

And after 20 minutes in the pressure cooker...done!

Too late for lunch, but I will taste later and adjust the seasonings.  Now it's time to go and iron some fabric.

* Later: tasted it, added some bacon, more spices and salt and simmered it for an hour. Had it for dinner and it was divine.  Whether you're cooking without a recipe or making a quilt without a recipe, you're pretty much assured of getting something at least, interesting - and often, really good!   Best of all, it's never the same twice.

Cheers! R.


Leslie Rosenberg said...

I live in Hollywood and work in Miami. What a yucky day we had today. So glad you were able to enjoy the day indoors!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

The soup looks divine! Isn't that what soup is for... to use up leftovers and veggies that are past their prime? I'm with you... rain brings out the soup maker in me. I gallery sit on Mondays now, so make up something Sunday I can reheat on Monday. Soup is a big fave.

claire witherspoon said...

That's my idea of a good meal and sewing philosophy! And I just love sewing and cooking on rainy days, It's all comfort food!! cheers!

Kaja said...

I'm with you on the soup (and the sewing). Not so sure about ironing though!

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