Monday, February 01, 2016

Never say "never!"

Ok, I take it back. I said I would never teach online, but there are so many people who have emailed me to ask whether I gave online classes that I began to think about it. And then I stopped thinking about it --until The Fiber Art Connection  approached me with their teaching model.  

I found it so exciting that I said "yes."  It's not cookie-cutter (if you know me, you understand I don't follow rules very happily - LOL).  There are eight different fiber artists, all teaching something different -- each of us in our own style.  So you get to take eight classes for ten weeks, and along the way, discoveries, interactive sessions, community, connections, and personal interactions.  It'll be the closest thing to being in the classroom and we are all very pumped about this different way of teaching! 

 Once you enroll, you'll be notified when each teacher's class begins and the classrooms are open  to you indefinitely. If you don't have time just then, you can take the classes when it's convenient -- and go back as many times as you want to.  All the class materials - handouts, recordings, videos -- stay there so you can always access them.  

So...I've been sewing, making videos, taking pictures, and generally making as much of an embarrassing mess here in the Fla apt as I do at home. I was going to do a video tour, but decided to take pictures instead.

The kitchen island

dining room floor
 dining room table (yes, this is another sewing machine)
 living room chair
 living room floor

And we haven't gotten to the guest room yet!  But that's for another day.  Now I am going to sit down and read more of the most wonderful book I have read in eons.  More about that another day, too. bb


Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Exciting! Sitting on the edge of my chair, waiting for more!

Linda Hicks said...

Another adventure...always a good thing!

claire witherspoon said...

Hey Rayna! Part of me says I know why you initially said "never" 'cause I don't know about you but video's just make me feel uncomfortable on so many levels. But I've taken a bunch of online classes and the convenience can't be beat! Watch 'um any time, any where with uncombed hair or in your underwear! lol! And the cost is low compared to face to face classes. I look forward to reading more about all your class offerings! cheers!

Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

Good luck Rayna. At least you won't have to pack supplies for this class. Also... what is the title of your wonderful book?

Kat Scott said...

Yes, what is that title?! Always interested in books that other people love...

Julie said...

I love that you are using every inch of your living space to be creative :-) Good luck with this new experience.

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