Saturday, February 13, 2016

8 terrific teachers, one online community!

I am really excited to be part of the online teaching community of 8 amazing fiber artists who will be teaching classes.  But this is not just classes: it is a true community you can join that enables you to take classes with all of us!  Our skills and approaches are all different; we complement each other, and you connect not only with us, but with each other.

The Fiber Art Connection is a new concept in online classes. Each of us will take charge for a week and you'll be taking classes with all of us! Our varied skills complement each other and you're bound to discover something new each week.  You can take them as they are released, or whenever you have time, on your own schedule. And you'll have access to the material forever so you can retake them or check something out that you may have forgotten.

We'll be sharing ideas, webinars, live calls, and videos which you'll also have access to from all of the classes. And a private Facebook page where we can all share with each other.
Furthermore, we're available on email for one-to-one conversations.
There's also a bonus week for everybody!  

Here's the lineup of teachers in order of their appearance, and their websites, so you can read about them and see their work.

  1. Desiree Habicht –
  2. Candy Glendening –
  3. Liz Kettle –
  4. Roxane Leesa –
  5. Ruth Chandler –
  6. Cecile Whatman -
  7. Deborah Babin – and - ahem -last but not least
  8. ME!! –
Stay tuned for our planned blog hop, some giveaways, and a lot of fun.  
Registration is open and the first class kicks off March 15th.  Follow this link to read more: to read what each of us is teaching.
Any questions for me, holler! 

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Hey! Are you on instagram yet?? All the kids are doing it ��

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