Sunday, May 29, 2016

All packed

At the airport, heading home.  I have to say that Woodland Ridge Retreat the best place I have ever taught at. We have all been pampered to the nth degree, which is good for creativity  -the students' and mine!

Almost everybody left after lunch yesterday except for Nancy, who left late in the afternoon. She took this piece home to put it on a backing and quilt it.  This was her second piece and she made it in two days.

 Happily for me, Cindy and Barb stayed on till this morning and kept me company in the studio last night. They didn't want to give up sewing until they had no choice. LOL.  Here is the piece Barb finished yesterday.  

Here is Cindy's finished piece and she has more in the works.

Both were still working on pieces when the day ended and I didn't get pictures. I hope they will both send me photos when they have completed them all. Here we are after dinner. Cindy on the left, Barb on the right.

Gwen finished and quilted all three of the pieces she started on Tuesday.  Here are two.

Mary had started a piece but wasn't happy with the direction, so she took it apart (why not??) and when she left for home,she took these units with her so she continue making more and working on it at her leisure.  Can't wait to see what it will be when it is done.

Judging from the beautiful pieces Mary brought from home, I am sure it will be terrific.  Here is one of her wonderful quilts from show & tell.

Karen was also nonstop and had two finished pieces. Here is one of them in process (bad lighting).
Here is Karen the first day with show & tell from quilts at home. She calls it her "Rayna Quilt" because she made it after she read my book.  Everybody thought it was a delight - including Rayna.

Carol worked in this color combination.  Super! 

And Elizabeth's quilt reminds me of the colors Klimt used in his paintings. So rich!

I'm sure I have forgotten something, but the plane will be boarding soon.  A week from today I am headed out to teach at QSDS - Print Original Fabrics, Make Original Quilts. See some of you there!


Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Fabulous results! Sounds like everyone enjoyed the class, and hope they will continue to use your techniques!

Chris Daly said...

Hi Judy, Greetings from Woodland Ridge and Downsville. I hope you are still dyeing up a storm.

Chris Daly said...

Thank you Rayna for the wonderful review. It was a pleasure to host your workshop. The students all had rave reviews about the workshop. The student work produced was so inspiring.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

@ Chris Daly, of course I remember you! Love your beautiful retreat, and it sounds like it is getting rave reviews from those who have had the opportunity to stay there... congratulations! Yes, I am dyeing up a storm among other things... showing in a local gallery, doing about 5 shows a year, selling on-line, and a whole slew of other non-fiber arts related activities. Who says retirement is dull? Not me! ;-)

sandiqltr said...

Oh, Rayna, I love all the samples of your students' work. I really, really want a class with you. I keep trying with my guild. Maybe I will just have to "leave on a jet plane" and come to you!

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