Wednesday, June 01, 2016

what's cooking?

Not a lot, although It was a busy day -- the kind where you do a lot but don't really feel you've accomplished anything. 
- paid bills.
- watched Joan Nathan's video on how to make Azerbaijani Egglpant Salad.
- went to the bank.
- went to the post office because I needed stamps to mail out the bills I paid.
- overdyed a couple of my work shirts so I could wear them without being embarrassed.
- went to the studio to bring home some stuff.
- went to the fabric store to buy muslin and backing for a couple of quilts.
- moved some crates and furniture in the sewing room.
- made Joan Nathan's Azerbaijani Eggplant Salad.
ingredients, after I took them off the grill.

about five minutes later, done! 

- saved it for tomorrow so the flavors could meld (or whatever they do).
- cleaned up the deck so I could eat dinner out there.
- drank some coffee with the intent of staying up and working. 
 Instead, I'm staying up and blogging. Since it is already tomorrow, I am going to bed so I can actually get something done tomorrow (or rather, later today).  

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Cindy Cooksey said...

So was it delicious? Just looking at the photos made me hungry.

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