Tuesday, September 27, 2016

therapy sewing

Yes, I've been traveling.  Got home last week and it took me three days of feeling bleh to recover.

While I was recovering, I reorganized a small part of my fabric collection, which is now neatly stored in drawers under my cutting/ironing table.   Heh heh - this is what passes for neat in my life.  The labels on the plastic drawers have nothing to do with what they contain, but that's ok.  I have a lot more to do, but I'm too busy sewing. It's a start.

While I was sorting my ethnic fabrics - Indian, African, Maylasian, and Aboriginal -- I thought it might be a good idea to slice some of them up and sew strips. I needed to relax before I leave again in less than 3 weeks to teach in Switzerland.

So here is what is on my wall.   In my last class, I gave my students the assignment to work in neutrals and one color. So I challenged myself to work in prints that are primarily black/white/red, with a little off-white thrown in here and there. I think it is boring.
The units are not sewn together and I am resisting the temptation (for the moment) to slice one up and see what happens.

Then I thought of adding some bright yellow strips, but when I auditioned them I thought they looked too harsh.  

So here I sit, thinking I should leave them on the wall till tomorrow.  In the meantime, I will go make salted caramel ice cream.


patty a. said...

I like the addition of the yellow, but maybe try replacing the off white that is between the prints with the yellow instead of placing it beside the off white.

Going to Switzerland - how cool is that? Swiss chocolate and the Alps - you can't beat that!

Linda Hicks said...

What I always wonder:
How does Rayna make her ice cream?
What is therapy sewing? just strips or something else sometimes.
I sat by someone at the MFA who had just returned from Switzerland, even having a birthday party there. Switzerland is in the air for some reason. Why not!!
Your posts are delightful!

RenaM said...

What about turquoise or chartreuse instead of the yellow??? Would love it if you would share your salted caramel ice cream recipe. Have fun in Switzerland!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I like the idea of an additional color...maybe yellow..maybe a different color.
Here and then gone again...safe and fun trip!

Sandy said...

I actually like these. Very fresh looking and the ethnic fabrics are showcased.

JudyLangille said...

Love the yellow.

Hapto said...

I almost think things can be white/cream, but all need a pattern -- or it needs to be super narrow (of course all subjective, but the areas in the red boxes are the most successful. http://imgur.com/a/uHyaI --- what areas do you feel are the most successful and how do you get more of that?

Kaja said...

Actually I quite like the yellow (though of course what your eye sees in reality and mine sees on the screen may not be the same).

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