Sunday, January 22, 2017

busy, busy, busy

I have been quilting a pice in spurts, all month. Still not there.  The problem is that I have to change threads very often, which slows up the process.  In addition, the batting is shedding all over the quilt, which is a dark color. This has never happened to me before and it is not a happy situation.  Mopping up as best I can.  I swore I would finish this week, but I am not so sure.

Art Palm Beach was this weekend and my cousin Mimi and I had passes for the preview evening.  Not sure which was more interesting: the art or the other patrons. There was some really strange stuff and a lot of bad art, along with the good pieces. 

When I go to an exhibit I always play a game with myself: which one would I take if I could get it for free? Most of the time,the answer is "none."  I took pictures of some I liked when we arrived, but after that - meh. Here are a few I liked or thought were interesting.

Liked the use of color in this one.

There were four of these - each in a different palette. This was my favorite.

Loved the figures and the faces here. I think the was the "grab and run" candidate.

Not sure why I took a photo of this one, in retrospect.

These were just two of the giant heads in an installation that is probably meant for outdoors. Really fun!

There is always some art or fine craft exhibit going on in this area.

I am a member of the Palm Beach County MQG and the meeting was on Saturday, so I went. Caught up with my friend Debbie Krajkowski who moved here from New Jersey and is now doing long-arm quilting, and saw my friend Judy, although not really time to chat.  I am going to QuiltCon in Savannah at the end of February and I expect to see a lot of people I know.  I have not been to Savannah, so looking forward to spending some tourist time, too.

Two years ago I did the kitchen here; this year, the bathrooms. I hope to get these done before I leave - and I'm getting the apartment painted, as well.  Finally picked a paint color.
This place hasn't been painted since the '80's. The walls are peach and I am going to do gray.  I have worried that it might be too dark.  I've got splotches painted all over the walls.
Tonight, it occurred to me to take the photo in black and white so I could compare the values of the old paint and the future paint. Surprise!  The gray is actually lighter than the peach.  You really can't go by color--something I emphasize with my students all the time.  At any rate, I feel much better about the gray now. No worries about it being too dark!

With that, I am off to bed.  My sleep pattern has been very strange: ready for bed by 9 and up before sunrise.  I don't care for that, but can't seem to break the cycle for more than one night.  Cheers!


Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Hah! That sleep cycle has been mine for years now, and no... have never found a way to break it. I think your choice of wall paint will probably work well... I'm assuming you get plenty of sunshine there. Our walls haven't been painted since before we moved here in '03 except for the hallway and one wall in the living room. I got that far, and grew very tired of the project. We have textured walls, which I HATE... very hard to get all the nooks & crannies covered! Hope this year maybe I can have someone come in and do the main rooms, but not looking forward to the upheaval of having everything moved around and covered...

Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

Good to hear from you . I know the artist who made the large heads, Frank Hyder, he also makes paintings and some that are carved wood and painted. He is amazingly prolific. We were neighbors and he taught for many years at Moore College of Art. He has taken those heads all over the world. I believe he calls it the Janis project, but if you google him I am sure you will find a link to the tour.

Interesting to see that black and white photo ... I wouldn't have guessed that the grey was that much lighter.

patty a. said...

I do like those big heads too! Have a good time at QuiltCon, but do not go out after dark by yourself.

Linda Hicks said...

The game you play at a show...I often have the same response. I once thought Milton Avery was the only artist I would ever buy; but now I can think of lots of pieces I would buy or take for free. My temporary housing has no paintings for me except the one good son brought me from NYC (mine or in restoration awaiting the insurance check). I plan to ask our temporary housing for the names of the "gray"s that are on these walls...very nice and not too dark.

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