Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Almost there

I swore I wasn't going to leave the house today until I finished stitching the piece I am working on.  I did go downstairs to the mailbox, but that was IT. And I am almost done, but still at it. This quilt has given me grief the whole time I've been working on it.


1) part of it is fused and the edges keep coming up.

2) the quilt is dark and the batting is white. There is white fuzz all over the front of the quilt, even on the parts I have not yet stitched.

3) I am using 3 different colors of thread, which means I am changing thread every 30 seconds (or so it seems).

4) There is no quilt store nearby, so I had to replenish my thread at Jo-Ann's. It is crappy thread, despite having a brand name. It breaks and leaves a lot of fuzz.  

I am so exhausted from quilting and ranting that I will save rants #2 and #3 for another post.  Going to sleep it off.



Charlotta said...

Maybe you and your quilt would really be better off if you DID take a break?

patty a. said...

I am sorry you are struggling with this piece so much. Crappy thread is the pits!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Oh, Dear... does not sound like a fun project at all! And you are doing this because...? Definitely time to walk away and rethink your options! ;-)

Sue Erdreich said...

I too just finished a dark quilt with white batting. I kept a lint roller next to my machine, and used it frequently. :)

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