Tuesday, May 09, 2017

a weekend quilt show

The Northern Star Quilt Guild of Somers, NY, has always had an excellent quilt show, but I every year I have managed to be away teaching the weekend of the show -- until now. Fortunately, I was available because the guild invited me to have an exhibit of a dozen pieces this past weekend. The show has moved to a new venue and the quilts were beautifully displayed.  Here are some of my favorites - and they were all ribbon-winners.

 by Maria Weinstein

Debbie Bein's vertical triptich

I'm sorry, I didn't get the artist's names for the last three quilts. The show was closing and they were starting to take down the work, so I clicked and ran to take down my own.
Cheryl Kosarek

quilt by Diana Sharkey

The day was a pleasure: I ran into some old friends and managed to come home with a only a fist full of - uh - fabric. This afternoon, I cut and sewed a little bit.  Oh, joy.


patty a. said...

You bought fabric? LOL!! I am trying so hard not to buy any.

Anonymous said...

The whole show was great but it was a particular joy to see your quilts.

Laura McGrath said...

Saw your quilts at the show, they were beautiful! I went with a friend who is a very traditional quilter, and she was entirely underwhelmed by them. I love that this show had a great selection of quilts for both of us to enjoy.

Janette Kahil said...

The black and white quilt with black circles belongs to Cheryl Kosarek.

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