Tuesday, February 05, 2013

busy day

Spent most of the day printing yellow scarves and am slowly working my way through the pile.  I have discovered that many of my screens have finally called it quits after years of use, so I am having to make new ones to finish this job.

Didn't come home till almost 7:pm and have spent much of the evening working on my lecture about working in a series.  You might remember that over the past couple of years we had several interesting discussions on the subject here and a number of you were kind enough to send me pictures.  I am finally getting around to using some of them.  A work in progress.

A series can be on a subject, using a particular image, or whatever else you deem your series to comprise.  But now I'm too tired to think much about it.  Tomorrow.

Speaking of series -- I received  pictures today from Barb, who took my class at Quilting in the Desert.
She made three of her screenprinted fabrics into small quilts, which she mounted on stretched canvas. A series, for sure!

Time to retire so I have a clear head for all the stuff I still have to do tomorrow, including making sleeves and finishing quilts as I get ready for my solo show in Chapel Hill in May.  Not enough time in the day!



Cami said...

Hi I would like to know who did the series that you post today. Her name is Barb ? does she have a contact web or Facebook?

Thank you,

Barbara Mars said...

Hi Cami..... yes, I do have a FB page. You can check it out under Barbara Mars. I'm new to quilting and fabric printing and the series is the 1st I've done using fabric I made in Rayna's class. She's inspiring me on my journey...thanks Rayna.

tiedyejudy said...

Nice series, Barbara!

Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

Hi Rayna... Congrats on your show in Chapel Hill! Barbara's work is very exciting your class most have been terrific.

Rayna said...

It was a great class -- first printing, then using the fabric. I was lucky to have a lot of talented students who were willing to experiment!

Katherine McNeese said...

Chapel Hill, NC?
when and where.
just a show or will you be teaching somewhere too???

Connie Rose said...

Love Barb's quilts -- especially the first!

Threads of Inspiration said...

I often forget that a series can be worked over a long period of time, forgotten for awhile and then circle around to it again. I seem to have several series going on.

Lappedamen said...

I wish I could take one of your classes. Unfortunately I live in Norway. Great series, Barb.