Thursday, February 28, 2013

En route

Ah, the vicissitudes of travel... I won't go into what had me in tears of frustration as I boarded the United plane. Suffice it to say they comped me a drink. I want my Continental back! But it is like wishing for the dead to return. Ain't gonna happen.

I have a three hour layover at L.A X., thanks to an early departure from Newark. air traffic is so bad there that they build in time for delays and there weren't any,so we got into los anfeles almost an hour early. Had time to grab a book and read for most of the flight.

With this long layover,Thank goodness I had pass to the United Club, which provided me with a complimentary martini and a chance to make a phone call. After the stress of the day, I am treating myself to a steak dinner, which I may take a photo of (or not).

Back at the club for coffee and cookies-- the coffee is divine and I am feeling much better.have to adjust to the time change, but I can pretty much relax till tomorrow afternoon, I think.

Below, the food. When I blog on my ipad, there is evidently no choice about where the photos go. If you know the secret, let me know what it is. I have to admit that while it is easy to travel with an ipad, it will never replace my laptop for a lot of things.

I spoke to Usha (Handloom Batik) last night. We are both disappointed that I will not be inNJ at the Quiltfest to go for Indian food with her this weekend, but after we get back from our respective travels, we plan to meet in the City for a South Indian lunch.

Time to go to the gate. I will update this blog at some point. xo

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Cathy Bargar said...

Ugh! Traveling can sure grind you down, can't it? I like to think of the actual flight & airport, etc time of traveling as being "in the chute" - as soon as you are checked in for your flight, you are in the chute, and most likely you will emerge at the other end, either where you intended to be or not but definitely somewhere else, and eventually you will probably get where you were going; in the meantime, while you are in the chute, there is really no control you can exert to make things work out faster or smoother or more comfortable, so it is best just to allow your mind to remove itself from your body. While you are in the chute, it is perfectly OK to allow yourself things that you otherwise would turn up your nose at - you might have a martini or even two at 8:30 in the morning, or a Twix bar or a bag of gummy bears, or a trashy magazine; it is time out of time, and therefore the normal rules governing time, matter, and dietary wisdom do not apply. And of course there is absolutely NO point in fuming or fretting or wishing you were anywhere else or that that obnoxious drunk who just budged the line and has tied up the whole security process would vaporize right in front of you, or that someone would walk through the lounge with a pet flamingo wearing a party hat to distract you, or that the ticket agent would stop trying to get you into Charlotte at 3:00 AM when you are tring to get to Syracuse on the 10:30 flight. Mind-body separation, Baby; the only way to go! My new favorite addition to many airports? Vino Vuolo lounges - good wines, good light food, and - most important! - comfy chairs.

Hoping that by now you have been spit out of the chute and are able to straighten your body up so you can do what you need to do!

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