Monday, February 04, 2013

just chatting

 I seem to have lost track of the fact that my 8th blogiversary was last Friday, on Jan 31st. That's because Sitemeter is having issues and has stopped counting my visitors. Bah!  In any case, I'm now in my 9th year of blogging and it is a wonder I still have anything to say.

By the way, thanks for all your supportive comments on the sample thing. I am, in fact, sending out two samples because I had promised to do so.  But I also sent extra photos and from now on, a no-sample policy.

The weekend was pretty good. You may or may not know or care that Thomas A. Edison spent 2/3 or his professional life in West Orange, NJ. W.O's claim to fame is his laboratory, the Black Maria (pronounced Mariah) which was his movie studio, and his gorgeous home, Glenmont.  

The Edison complex is now a national park and on Saturday I paid my first visit as an adult.  I remember being at the lab on a school trip when I was probably about 10 and all I recall is a lot of old things and dust.  The place was renovated and cleaned up, closed for a couple of years and now it is wonderful to visit.

The building on the right was Edison's lab and manufacturing facility and I have to admit it was pretty interesting to explore.  Many of the things we take completely for granted were invented and made here.

Edison's house is in Llewellyn Park, a private community within West Orange. It's not far from the complex.

Honestly, more interesting than I would have thought -- quite fun!

Sunday took us to Brooklyn. Despite the dusting of snow yesterday, we cleaned off the car and headed to Prospect Heights to play with Miss Emma while her mother checked out the local real estate offerings.  Dolls, puzzles, and here - doing collage. She will be 3 in a couple of weeks. Where did it go?

I went along to a couple of open houses and as we passed this parked car, I couldn't resist a photo of the windshield. Made me smile.
Today (Monday) was pretty boring. The bitter cold this morning kept me indoors for he rest of the day, dealing with teaching engagements and other paperwork.  Just tonight I started my periodic clean-up and reorg.  My box of shipped back supplies finally arrived and I am debating whether to unpack it or leave it alone.  So far, I have done some of each. For now, back to ironing and sorting:-).


Karen S Musgrave said...

Congratulations on 8 years of blogging. You do have something to say and you do it well. Hugs, Karen

MariQuilts said...

Wow....eight years, that's wonderful. Do us quilters ever run out of stuff to say??

Nina Marie said...

why in the world would you lack things to say??? you're still creating right? growing? I would think 8 yrs later if anything you would be more interesting!

tiedyejudy said...

Congrats! I know I have been following you for about 5 of the 8, and I never grow tired of keeping tabs on what you are doing!

Connie Rose said...

Happy Blogoversary! Yours was one of the first I found and followed when I began blogging five years ago, and I still love hearing about what you're up to and seeing your wonderful work. Mazel tov! xoxo

Linda Dunn said...

Who knew? I'm' going to put the Park on my list of places to stop on Big Drive South (Lancaster,Philadelphia, and DC) next month.

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