Wednesday, February 13, 2013

true confessions

1.  my life has been too boring to blog about: multiple doctors' visits, cleaning sewing room, and printing handouts for my next class.

2.  desperate to relieve the boredom of sewing down facings and sleeves, I finally decided (almost a year after it was released) to watch my own DVD from Quilting Arts, Free-Form Fabric Art.

3.Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed it and found myself chuckling. Stayed up till 2:am stitching sleeves and watching myself make a mess on camera. It was fun and I'm hoping I have a brilliant idea in the near future that would make another fun DVD lesson.  Any requests???

Today was not much more exciting.  I installed a new high-speed modem/router and called Comcast to switch to their Internet service.   Until everything was working, half the day was over.  The second half was spent on the phone with Verizon, cancelling their low-speed internet service and having to say "no" about 20 times to their bribes to get me to stay. N-O.
We are done.   

Then Peggy from the MQG came over so I could give her the guild's dues, which I have been keeping in my tea tin.  Since I am not around much of the time, somebody else needs to be the banker.  She stayed for tea and cake and the next thing I knew, the day was over.

For a while tonight (between phone calls) I was working on a piece I've had on the floor of my sewing room in various stages.  Don't know where it will go from here but I figured I had better take a picture before I change it again and forget what I had. Yes, I know it should be vertical but I wasn't in the mood to start playing with the picture. Anyway, it's not done.

'nuff said.


the wandering thread said...

I love your blog; you really describe life as it is. I can so relate to it! How about doing a DVD on painting the silk scarves?

HollyM said...

Still, those kind of days are satisfying. You get something necessary done, have a visit and play a bit.
You feel like you've accomplished something.
The only thing I suggest for the DVD is to just keep working. As our work evolves and develops, new ideas and methods come as we ask the question, 'what if?'.

tiedyejudy said...

Printing! I want a Printing DVD! You make such wonderful scarves, and your techniques would work as well on fabric, I'm sure. And I love your work in progress. I have one I'm working on that includes some strip sets, and have several blocks I hope to parlay into a few finished pieces soon... reread your book again, and got even more out of it! Woo-hoo!

quilthexle said...

The "piece on the floor" looks great to me! And I will have to check out your DVD ... sounds very intriguing to me ;-))

Karen S Musgrave said...

I love your piece on the floor!

Nikki said...

I kinda like the floor piece horizontal. It's unexpected in a good way.

Deb said...

All in all sounds like a great day. How great you were able to switch to Comcast, when I moved 18 months ago Comcast was available to me and I jump with joy, haven't had a problem as I did with other services, and I find high speed is actually that, no I don't work for comcast :-) Love you
piece on the floor.

Eva said...

Love this Katchina quilt. To me, it is upright.

Karoda said...

hehehe, am I not suppose to blog about my boring life????

The orientation works but I want to do something to the right side...are you thinking vertical with what the left side in the photo to be the top?

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