Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lobster country

There are ten of us here  in Hancock, Maine, having a reunion We were all in the same dorm sophomore year and most of us were together again senior year.  But it was sophomore year that was most memorable and full of hilarity and that was the year we all bonded.

We have not all stayed in touch over the last five decades, but it is as though there were no years intervening.  We have talked and gossiped and giggled and discussed social and political issues; shared book recommendations, shared family stories, and of course, have eaten wonderful meals and consumed libations.

Today, three of us, not having eaten enough lobster, went out to lunch to have more. lOL.  Here I am with Penny, my college roommate for all four years, in front of the local lobster place,Ruth & Wimpy's.  We ordered in from there last night and expect to have lunch there again tomorrow.

It was a long trip to get here -- from Seattle, the Virgin Islands, Virginia, NJ, and all over New England.
Worth every mile.  And yes, I am knitting.  Rain predicted for tomorrow but we don't care.


Linda Hicks said...

Oh I am ready for Maine and more reunions myself! Love your blouse, jacket and the thought of old friends with lobsters.I hope you drove up. So many super artist colonies on the way home...

Connie Rose said...

Sounds like a great time! xoxo

Judy Rys said...

It's great that you're all together after all this time. You look really happy. Did anyone stay in South Hadley after graduation?