Thursday, June 05, 2014

a few relaxing days

Iin Despite the fact that my air conditioning has decided to spew hot air and the house is 82 degrees, I am surviving.  Yesterday was a bit uncomfortable but today it was cooler out than in, so I kept all the doors open and there was a decent breeze.

I had promised my daughter I would make throw pillows for her, since she was not in the mood to pay someone hundreds of dollars to do the job.   Really?? I wonder why.  Got one done and another cut out, which I will sew together tomorrow. And probably do the third, as well.  There is nothing like a deadline; Jessica and Miss Emma are coming out to visit on Sunday and I need to get these done.

With all the rain we have been having, my postage stamp garden looks pretty good.  I just have to keep spritzing  it with deer spray every other day, after it rains so they don't eat my daylilies.  I shudder to imagine they will all have been decimated when I get home from my next trip.  Leaving for the left coast.  Going a couple of days early so I can spend time with my cousins, who live there.

I have been on a binge of reading every book written by Jojo Moyes, and this has been as good as taking a vacation.  Sprawled on my mother's sofa, which replaced the huge sectional I never liked because t was too soft and deep for me, I have been in heaven.  Almost.  It needs to be reupholstered after 40 years, along with my father's club chair.  That will happen when I get back.  I am going to lose the skirts for a more contemporary look and ditch the turquoise for something neutral and textured.  

Meantime, back to the throw pillows I am making for my daughter...


Judy said...

Hi Rayna!
Your flower garden looks great! Very colorful!
Hope you pillow-making is successful today, and that you will post some pics of the finished products.
Can't wait to see your sofa and chair redo!


Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Re: air conditioning... I just had to have the A/C repaired on our truck to the tune of 1K! but the month of June here is the hottest of the year, so it was worth it. Hope you have nice ocean breezes wherever you will be on the left coast... and I hope your pretty little garden survives! Wave when you pass over Arizona on the way west... I'll look for ya! ;-)

patty a. said...

Your garden is lovely! I planted some zinnia from seeds so it will be awhile until I get color in my front yard. I dug up and gave away most of my day lilies because of the deer eating the flowers, but I missed a couple plants. I saw deer footprints in the mulch last evening so they must just be waiting to pounce on the day lilies as soon as they bloom! Have a lovey time on the left coast!

Janet W said...

Jojo her books! She has a new one coming out next month and I can't wait. We shall surely have lots to talk about when you stay with me in Tucson in November.

Linda Hicks said...

Surely a neighbor will spray those pretty flowers. I like the lines of the classic furniture. Making birds, myself :*)

Connie Rose said...

Thanks for the book rec's. I just put a couple of those on my library list.
Glad you're doing well, in spite of the heat. At least it's summer, right?!
Have a great weekend. xoxo

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