Friday, June 20, 2014

we have a winner!

The random number generator picked 188 - Lori Morton is the winner of a bundle of eight fat quarters of AMB solids.  Congratulations - and thanks to all of you who commented! I wish all of you could have won. I loved your views of New Jersey -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. I left out a lot, but didn't want to bore you. I'm second generation NJ and  despite having the highest real estate taxes in the nation, I wouldn't wan to live anywhere else full time.  

In the meantime, I see that the only way to get so many comments on my blog is to have a giveaway! Sort of depressing, actually.  But oh, well -- back to real life.

Earlier this week I went shopping for a lightweight purse to get me through the summer.  Found exactly what I was looking for on sale at Macy's and then bought a larger version as a travel bag (also on sale). Jackpot! Even better, the sales person at the Cole Haan store pointed ou that the best thing about the bag was a place to hang your cell phone.  "Great!", I thought. If you've ever called me, you know that my message says "I probably can't find my phone because it's at the bottom of my purse" -- so that appealed to me.  Of course, then I realized that my cell phone didn't have a hook, so how could I hang it on the clip in the bag?  Then it dawned on me that I might have to buy one of those little cell phone thingie cases with a loop on it.  BUT...

a) I hated every one of them that I saw, and
b) I needed one right then and there.  So, I decided that it couldn't be too difficult to make something that could surve the purpose. LOL.  I downloaded a pattern from  -- a C&T pattern. a PATTERN?? ME? (remember that I flunked sewing in 7th grade) and got to work.

It took me about four hours and it didn't look anything like these, but it works:-).
So that was my week.  Weekend - errands on Saturday and my grandson Ben sleeps over.
Sunday, take Ben out to breakfast and then home so we can go watch Josh play baseball. Who says I lead a glamorous life???

Monday, off to Maine for a reunion with college friends. I haven't been to Maine since 1978, but that is a story best left untold.


Elizabeth Bennett said...

Cell phone case looks great. I started to say it looks interesting, but sometimes that's one of those adjectives that gets used when you're being noncomittaly polite, and I'm not... so having said it looks great I can add it really is visually interesting! I love it!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

I love the cell phone case! Too bad I don't have or want a "real" cell phone... I have a trac fone in case I break down on the road, and my purse has a nice small zippered slot just the right size for it.
Sounds like a nice weekend ahead for you... enjoy!

Claire said...

Thanks for the cell phone pattern link. I'm getting a new one this week and need some way to find it in my purse.

margaret said...

Nice little case! I don't care if I get to my phone quickly, but my camera is another matter. I always have a point-n-shoot because you never know when you're going to see something interesting. Which means that I only buy purses with an open outside pocket to make it easy to grab in a hurry. Plus I have several other desired qualities in a purse - lightweight, open and zippered inner pockets, not too deep, long adjustable strap, etc. I know, I know, for a no-rules person, I have lots of purse rules. One of these days I'm going to have to break down and make the perfect one. You have inspired me.

Sandy said...

Interesting (sorry, the only thing I can think of for this comment!) that you haven't been to Maine since 1978. I left in '78 for college in Massachusetts and other than a few summers after that, have only been there for a week now and then...usually when I felt duty bound to have my son know my parents. Actually, he has been there the last year helping them and learning how hard life can really be!
Sandy in the UK

Kaja said...

Hi Rayna, your aside about only getting blog comments when you do a giveaway has prompted me to post this. I have been following you for a while now and very much enjoy your blog - I really admire your work and also like your writing on other subjects. Will try to interact - ie comment - more and not just read and run!

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