Sunday, November 02, 2014

Sunday post

Spent the weekend in the City. Saturday was rainy, windy and cold.  But I managed to find some beauty in a couple of the vest-pocket parks along 54th st.

We went to see the Matisse at MOMA, along with 5 billion other people. (google images - Matisse cut outs MOMA to see the exhibit).  I have to admit that I was not eager to see the show but so many people told me how fab it was that off four of us went, with the hordes.  It was, indeed, fab.  Seeing the work in person is totally different from having seen a few of the iconic pieces that have become so common they seem mundane.  LIke this one.

But the simplicity of form, the positive/negative, and his use of color blew me away and made me think entirely differently about his late work.  
Indeed, there is much more than meets the eye -- and it is a huge exhibit that includes films of Matisse cutting out the work freehand, just like THAT!  If you are near New York or if the exhibit travels to where you are, try to get there to see it in all its glorious color and form.


Julie said...

Wow! Those cutouts are amazing! I wish I'd seen it in London now. I'm ashamed to say I didn't manage to get there when it was on a while ago. Wonderful colour and movement.

Linda Hicks said...

Lovely photos on a rainy...and good revisit!!! Sorry about the crowds.

Eva said...

It is so good to refresh the eyes if icons have become a habitual view. Right now, the famous blue woman is in sight in our book-shelf (we have a glass cabinet for our art books in which we put up our favorites with open covers in front of the rest). But the examples of your choice say so much more, beyond of what I used to know about Matisse's late work. Thank you!

Kaja said...

I have always loved the cutouts. I find art in person often has quite a different impact from seeing it in a book, or on line. Usually for me it's at least partly about scale, though not always.

Charlotta said...

Lovely! I live in the country, in Kentucky. I'll be in NYC in March for a week - unfortunately after Matisse has left ��. But I know there'll be lots of other fantastic things to see and do. Last time I was there, I was so fortunate that it coincided with the showing of the 1,000 red and white quilts.