Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday review

It's been a pleasure to be home again the second day in a row.  Recently, I attached this whole cloth composition to a piece of felt and am trying to decide whether to stitch it or not.  My fiber group says yes; my other art group says not necessary.  I tend to agree.
Several people asked "how'd you do that?" and my answer, as always,was "I have no idea."
But this afternoon, as I was going through the zillions of photos in iPhoto, deleting many of them, I discovered photos I took as I was working on this piece in 2011.  Just in case you are interested in seeing the progress, here are the pictures.  Freezer paper, masking tape, and thermofax with thickened dyes.  
 here is a detail.
An example of why you should keep going if you aren't happy.  Layers are your friends.
Clearly, this was nothing to write home about.
Then, omg - what did I do?  This is a little obscured.  At this point, I figured it couldn't get worse.  I guess I put some more freezer paper on and covered the whole thing with various colors of dye. Bleh.
After it dried, here is what I had. The freezer paper is still on the fabric.
I just can't figure out how I got here because it's obvious that I discharged the piece where the freezer paper is.   Actually, maybe I took the freezer paper off and put Thiox through my thermofax screen over the whole piece.  This was before I steamed/washed it.
And here is the end result (that you saw at the top of the blog)

It's probably a good idea to take notes while I work, but that's just not my style. Do you take notes while you work?


Sandy said...

No. I don't take notes. But since starting my blog I take photos. So, I take mental notes.
And I like talking about what I did. So talking to the friends in the ether, I tell them on the blog.
Which I suppose is like taking notes!
But I haven't really worked like you do. I don't think I would write about the steps for something like you have done.

Kaja said...

No notes, but photos, in case I want to go back a stage. Not so helpful if you're dyeing!

magsramsay said...

Notes afterwards and photos , especially when I'm painting to see the point where it goes horribly wrong. Usually I have good intentions of documenting ( the scientist in me) but then get caught up in the process. My indigo vat this summer is case in point - I've no idea what I did as got so excited
Re stitching v. not I think it depends on the type of stitch and the effect you want. I'm thinking of Jo Budds work where tiny stitches catching down the top layer in some areas make such a subtle difference to the surface

Linda Hicks said...

Thanks for the photos. I am learning the value of waiting until the solution finally comes to me...but "what if..." beckons and the gamble is always worth it. There will be another day for another work. Keep looking for awhile.
Taking notes is good for your following ..followers...but it isn't always as much fun or part of the creative process...ah, for infinite TIME...Sometimes I wish I had made more note of what was done but the blog has to suffice. This I turn into a notebook w photo that seems to impress.

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