Friday, January 28, 2005

Back from blizzard country

My friend Helene is sick of reading my one post so I figured I'd better add something to my blog. Actually, I spent last weekend in Lowell, MA teaching a workshop at Friends Fabric Art -- just before the big blizzard. (a few pix below) The low point of the weekend: me pumping gas in 27 inches of snow and nine below zero weather. Pumping your own gas is illegal in New Jersey - and now I know why! Horrible experience. The workshop itself was great! A diverse and talented group of artists: fiber artists, quilt makers, painters, collagists, mixed media artists -- all wanting to find ways to personalize their work even more. By the end of the day thay had learned to do just that -- with image transfer techniques, fabric pens, syringes, markers, and screen printing. We learned from each other and everybody found at least one new way to enrich their work.

Sunday's workshop was buried in snow but we'll reschedule in warmer weather. Back at home, catching up on paperwork and still haven't been in my studio making art. Am I the only one whose creative work takes a back seat to everything else? Overflowing with new ideas and can't seem to find the time to follow through with them. How to change this???? Please comment if you have any brilliant strategies!

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