Monday, January 31, 2005

Ok, so I'm obsessed

With grannys. Not every granny, just mine, known as Nanny. These days, I'm Nanny, too -- but I digress...

As I sit here and look at my design wall I am struck by the amount of fabric on which I have imprinted her image...and by at least three finished pieces where her once-beautiful face looks out. What am I processing? Why does her image haunt me so?
Interesting that I do not look like her adult self, but there is something in her young face that reminds me of me. If I squint.

Anyway, I was playing with my silkscreen one day and
before I knew it, even without thinking, I had a piece of cloth that would make Warhol proud. I love its rhythm
and color and order and serenity. But most of all, I love the faces -- 50 years apart. But it sits on my wall and I wait for it to tell me what the next step will be.Or will there be a next step? I could put text on it or leave it alone. I'm afraid to ruin it -- but why should I be? I
can always do it again. Or can I? nannyx24

Well - here's another version with text. I like that, too.

Here she is again - cut from a different piece of cloth. But I still have 4 or 5 remaining identical images. What shall I do with them?#12-Nanny

Enough of this idle chit-chat. If you have any ideas, let me hear from you. In the meantime, I have spent far too long on this page and it is the middle of the night.
If I am to do any work tomorrow, I had better go to bed!

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Anonymous said...

I did not have time to sign in, etc. so this is anon. I have been using my husband's great grandmother's photo in my work. I don't have her on a screen, instead I use Photoshop Elements. I have transferred her image to a piece of silk fusion that I made. Then I scraped the edges and it looked more interesting. It is matted and framed and looks quite nice. I love working with old photos. Thanks for sharing your piece with everyone and I loved your Simply Quilts segment!LPJ

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