Sunday, January 30, 2005

What if....?

The two best words in an artist's vocabulary! Yesterday afternoon's studio work yielded a new way of transferring images to a metallic background on paper, canvas, or other fabric -- and a shout (mentally, anyway) of "eureka!" Those two words "what if...?" are my mantra and probably should be yours, too. Two of my successes... isn't she cute? Somebody's granny (not mine). Back to the studio -- mostly to clean it. Does that process ever end???? Or is it a necessary prologue to more creativity?


Anonymous said...

I am a big "What if" person to!
So what part comes out metallic, I can not tell by the photo?
jacqueline myers-cho

Rayna said...

The copper-y background is the metallic part. It's a mixture of medium and paint.

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