Wednesday, November 02, 2011

a few more bits on Market

Here I am with Joyce Hartley and her daughter Phoebe. Joyce ownd the fabulous quilt store in Richmond, VA called Quilting Adventures.  It's large and is a destination for art quilters; I'll be teaching there in 2012 and will let you know when we have coordinated our schedules and nailed down a date -- probably in the Fall of 2012.  Will be here before we know it!
 As I wandered, I saw Jane Sassman, who directed me down the aisle  to see what new fabric goodies Paula Nadelstern has come up with.  This first one was bejeweled and so were the hanging ornaments.  There was plenty of sparkle in this booth!

On the way back to C&T's booth, I was accosted by The Cat in the Hat and the onlly way to get rid of him was to have my picture taken with him.
This cheerful pillow caught my fancy because it has an uncalculated quality about it (although it probably isn't) and I really love the colors and patterns of the fabrics.  Reminds me of the quilt I made for you-know-who.

And speaking of you-know-who, I simply had to post a couple of Halloween pictures. Her first lollipop and Snickers. Uh Oh! No need to comment.


Del said...

Glad you had fun at Festival.
What a cute little bug that is - love the antenna topped with hearts!

Karoda said...

Did Dr. Suess write a book on quilting? :)

Awww, capturing the first lollipop and snickers...PRICELESS!

Jeannie said...

Adorable! (The little pink bug! You with the Cat in the Hat is pretty cute too.)

Cathy Bargar said...

She is just too adorable! Too bad about her entry into the Wide World of Candy. I haven't heard whether they let my little Dimples McSushi-Baby eat any, but I kind of hope they'll let that wait until next year. Anyway, the Divine Miss E does not disappoint!

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