Monday, November 07, 2011

a good time was had by all, PART I:Jersey Shore

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! If you're going to turn 120, you might as well celebrate your birthday for more than one day. Right? Right.  This is what 120 looks like.

The revelry started when I went with a friend to an art opening at the Icehouse Gallery on a college campus down the shore.(Yes, That's what we say in New Jersey: not "at the shore" or "at the beach," but Down The Shore). But I digress...

The artist's name is Dahlia Elsayed and her work (acrylic on paper) is whimsical narrative that uses text and line in a maplike way , leaving the viewer to tell his/her own story. I love the ambiguity.

Before the reception, we went to Woodrow Wilson Hall, where Dahlia gave an artist's talk which focused on her creative process. The history of the building is fascinating; it was originally the Woolworth mansion and later, the summer White House for Woodrow Wilson.  What the official site does not show you is the drop-dead gorgeous ladies' room.
Can you believe this tilework???

These were the handpainted doors to the spacious stalls.
The campus is beautiful and since we were near the art building, it was only appropriate that there be some outdoor art.  This was my favorite.
And the old Public Service bus stop sign brought back a wave of nostalgia for the 29, 60, and 76 bus lines, long gone.
Then, some nature on campus.
After the reception, we drove over to the ocean - not far from campus.  The weather was nice enough to walk on the beach and there were even some people surfing.  I am not a shore person and I think the last time I walked on a beach was in Santa Cruz about 4 years ago. Some of the sights on this stretch of sand were rather strange, making me think we had stumbled upon a movie set or forgotten props for a photo shoot.
This is more typical, but these gulls were so tame, they did not run away when i came over to take their photos.

More tomorrow.  This time change is getting to me and I need to go to sleep. I travel time zones with no problem, but we turn the clocks back one hour and I am a disaster.


Terry said...

Looking awfully spry for 120! Happy belated birthday.

Marianne said...

Bon anniversaire, que l'année qui vient soit pleine de douceurs , de beauté et de gentilesse

tiedyejudy said...

Looking mighty good for 120! And I love the iron sculpture... they have to go somewhere when we have worn them out, right? Why not Art?
The tile ladies' room is gorgeous!
As for the time change, we don't change the clocks here in AZ, except on the rez, so I don't have an adjustment to deal with... however, the sun coming up later and going down sooner always means I sleep more in the winter months... just like an old mother bear, hibernating! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz......... ;->

Connie Rose said...

I should look so good when I turn 120! xox

Mostly Turquoise said...

Hi Rayna,

Good to read you all had a great time in the spa. The other thing I have to say: you look fantastic at 120 (plus you must have a very good hairdresser ;-))

Regina, SXM

Eva said...

Gosh, I was so long offline, I missed it! But the coming year is young, so may it be happy and successfull! -- The tiles are wonderful, and if you are into such stuff, a trip to Istanbul or other oriental city is due. ... Samarkand? Cairo? ... Marrakesh?

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