Thursday, November 17, 2011


You have blown me away with your wonderful and moving responses to the question in my last post.  Your  generosity, evident in your answers, warms my heart; thank you for what is a real Thanksgiving gift.  I love the idea that Chris is going to ask this question at her Thanksgiving table and I think I will do the same.

Now I have to come up with my own thought-provoking question, but while I think about it, I'd like to open the floor to you.  What is a question you would like to ask that could yield an interesting conversation?  I have to admit that this idea of asking interesting/funny/thought-provoking questions is something I became hooked on when someone I knew recommended this website. OMG! What FUN, what stimulation, what conversation!  Look at some of the questions to get an idea of how good Noodle Talk is.  So cleverl!
I have to tell you that I brought Noodle Talk along to my birthday weekend with my girls. We played over breakfast and each of us answered the same question (which is one way of playing). You can believe me when I tell you we all learned something new about each other -- even though we thought we knew each other so well. And we laughed! Next time, I'm bringing it along to my art group so we can play while we eat lunch.

It is now the middle of the night.  I am having houseguests over the weekend, so I thought I had better clean up the disaster that used to be a desk area in the kitchen.  I didn't take a picture till I had already cleared quite a bit, so there is no "before."  But here is During: Stage 1.
A few hours later, During: Stage 2
Still not done, but tomorrow is another day (who said that??!).  In the meantime, one more picture for my un-wordless Wednesday.  The woods are brown, but here is my midget Japanese maple, behind the azalea, whose leaves have also turned red.

It is already tomorrow - so if there are any typos, I am not responsible and don't want to hear about it!

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MariQuilts said...

Hi Rayna, I'm a first time visitor to your blog...what brought me here you might ask? Your book create your own free-form quilts was in my mailbox this morning. It's so fabulous I'll be doing a book review on my blog for sure. I absolutely love it.

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