Monday, February 06, 2012

back to work

It has been more than a week since my grandson Josh's bar mitzvah and the requisite family celebration a week ago Saturday. Here is Josh reading from the torah.
And here I am on Saturday night at the party, getting rare kisses from Josh and Ben.
It was great to have my cousins and my kids staying here and since midweek, I have been scrambling to catch up with my work. 

I have 3 pieces going into a gallery in Philadelphia for the week of Fiber Philadelphia and still have to put a sleeve on one.  I am working on a large project with a tight deadline and still have to make something for the ugly fabric challenge on Karen Musgrave's blog and do a tutorial for another blog. Phew! Bitten off more than I can chew?  What else is new?

Over the weekend, went to a couple of art exhibits that were very special.  One was an exhibit of paintings and drawings done by the A-Team Artists who are members of the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen. Self-taught artists who work with donated materials, they do remarkable work filled with poignancy, humor, and energy. The reception was packed, quite a few pieces sold, and the proceeds went directly to the artists. Some of the artists provided music and poetry to accompany the visual art.

 The second exhibit deserves its own blog post, so I will bid the full moon goodnight and head upstairs to pull down the shades.  Tomorrow, the next exhibit.


Eva said...


Mia Bloom Designs said...

Congratulations on the artwork your exhibiting. Also, I love the artwork from A-Team Artists. Wonderful project.

Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

Hi Ryana

Congrats to Josh... he looks very handsome and studious. And congrats to you on being part of FiberPhiladelphia. What show are you in and when will it open? I hope you will swing by the ACN show and come visit me at the Crane.


Martha said...

Touching picture of Josh reading from the Torah. How blessed we are. I know your heart is full.
Martha Ginn

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