Thursday, February 09, 2012

a few flakes

of snow fell during the night.  Before they evaporated, I ran out to take a picture or two,
As I looked at this micro-layer of what passes for snow, I remembered being in Atlanta 16 years ago when this much snow shut down the whole city.  'Nuff said.

Remember the line-drawing exercise from the art/brain post on Wednesday?  I am happy to say that one person sent me what she had done with those bare-bones lines.  Debbie from Jerusalem - thanks!
Will post more tomorrow. I am turning into a pumpkin. And pumpkins make typos.


Eva said...

What do you mean -- pumpkin? Shining brightly from inside with a big smile, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Have to confess I was a little disappointed that "a few flakes" was not a prelude to some social or political commentary. Or maybe it was with the reference to Atlanta.

Love Debbie's drawings: the simple expressiveness of the one on the left and the complexity of its partner. The latter is unlike anything else on the bulletin board at Morven, if my memory serves me correctly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rayna, I have just read an interview with you and that lead me to your site and blog. I am really excited because I am new to quilting and I really like your approach on creating quilts - with out so many of the rules, which are often quite scary for beginners. I look forward to finding your book and learning more. Dianna

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