Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Friday

How can I not be happy when I receive more whimsical drawings in my email??!!!   It is fascinating to see how clever you all are.  Keep them coming!  If you missed my post with the original blank, I've inserted the blank again, below.  C'mon guys - see what you can do with nothing.

This one is from Martha Bilski
And this is from Eva-Marie Nerling

I found it amusing that Eva and my granddaughter Kayla had the same idea. Kayla's was more minimalist but apparently the saying 'great minds think alike" holds true here:-).
Kayla and Alexander and their parents stopped in last Sunday en route to a Superbowl party and I gave the kids these line drawings to see what they would do with them.  This is Kayla's second  (and more elaborate) piece of art.  I don't know what happened to Alexander's. 
i am captivated by the possibilities and the creativity that emerges when we have only the bare bones to work from.

My bones may not be bare, but they are creaking and since it is already tomorrow, they deserve a rest. Ahhh- the weekend is here.

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Susan Ettl said...

You do have a very creative audience.
The drawings are fantastic. Love to you dear Rayna.

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