Friday, June 15, 2012

taking the tour

This town is kinda growing on me.  The art community is terrific - and downtown is full of gorgeous old buildings; some of them occupied and others waiting to be renovated.  For the last two nights, dinner downtown and then walking tours with my camera. As we left the restaurant, this was the sky.
Then we turned around and saw this piece of street sculpture. Public art is a wonderful thing.

 A couple of blocks away, the old market that now houses The Yeiser and its gift shop.  If you've been to Paducah,you've bee inside this building that extends back for a block.  For some reason it make me think of the old market in Charleston, which still functions as one -- for tourists.
Across the street to your right, this beautiful building built originally as C.C.Cohen.  Looks like it was a hotel with a restaurant downstairs. There is another restaurant there and I don't know what is upstairs now. Apartments??   Such elegant windows!
Somewhere along the line I caught this reflection in a window.
As we walked toward Broadway, past the trendy restaurants, I realized they had left the street in its original condition.
A block over was the main business district now filled with antique and craft shops
that once sold hardware

 jewelry, shoes, dry goods, clothing, and everything else you might need. 

 Next door to the Finkel Building, a haunting scene right out of a Hopper painting.
 The buildings on Broadway were, and still are,beautiful. There are remnants of elegance, from the entryways to the signs, to the cast-iron fronts.  Many have been redone; others are waiting for the right buyers with the right amount of money to restore them.

This is a town that is reinventing itself and that continues to evolve.


Mia Bloom Designs said...

Great photos! I've never been there but I feel like I was walking the streets with you.

Sue Erdreich said...

Cohen, Finkel, Marks...could it be that there was a sizable Jewish community there at one point?

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Are you in the market for a new studio/home?

Marianne said...

Que de bons souvenirs quand je vois ces photos, mes amies et moi avons adoré Paducah

deanna7trees said...

just love the windows on the 'cohen' building...also my name.

Rayna said...

Yes. The Jewish community here is 135 years old and there is a reform temple here with,sadly, only 35 families and no full time rabbi. The temple looks large and modern from the outside. I am going to services later today.

Rayna said...

Horrors! No.

Bonnie said...

Sounds like you're having a lovely time.

Gerrie said...

Kerr and I hope you aren't thinking of moving there. Where will she crash when she comes back to NJ?

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