Sunday, June 17, 2012

wrapping up the week

My suitcase is filled with so much fabric that I am considering leaving half my clothes here or wearing layers so I won't be over the weight limit for luggage. Bob will weigh my suitcase tomorrow morning and then we shall see.  This is the stuff I bought at Hancock's last week.
This is the fabric I bought today from Helene, having greatly restrained myself.  One of those grays was the only one left or I would have taken more -- and that green was 1/1.  I am somewhat determined to do some color testing when I get home so I can find a dyeing method that works for me.  Remains to be seen what that will turn out to be.
Yesterday was a crazy-busy day. We went to observe a natural dyeing workshop being given by the Artist in Residence this month in Paducah, Jennifer E. Moss. Interesting how the colors differ depending on the mordant, but waaaaay too much math for my taste.

 She is a metalsmith and fiber artist who works in wool.  Here are a few of the pieces she has created with wire and wool while she has been here.

 Afterwards, we went next door to see the work of Freda Fairchild. Multi-talented, she is a printmaker and fiber artist who makes gorgeous jewelry and works in mixed media.  I am lucky enough to own one of her works on paper.

Next stop, Gallery 1925 to the opening and artist's talk by Ursula Schneider, printmaker and painter who was an absolute delight to listen to, as she talked about her work and her process. She does woodcuts (Hanga) and her paintings are amazing.

Finally, Lily Liu had a trunk show at Bob and Helene's Gallery, Jefferson Street Studios.  She repurposes clothing and transforms them into beautiful garments with shibori.  It was a real fashion show and lots of Paducah's artists and patrons showed up to hang out, try on clothes, and buy.  What fun!

Today, Helene and I just hung out and sewed. Tonight we made curried carrot frozen yogurt and I think it is yummy. Helene preferred the peach she made this morning - and we both preferred eating Jeni's ice cream, which is now available in the gourmet market here. Oink Oink.

Home tomorrow and back to real life, which doesn't bear thinking about at the moment. It has been the best R & R I can remember ever having had.  Thanks, Bob and Helene!


Anonymous said...

Rayna, I am so glad you got to visit Paducah and get a break from the routine of life! It looks like to saw lots of cool stuff and artwork. I saw the U.K. quilt exhibit in April and it was stunning!

Bonnie said...

Noticed that you have a bloody mary... no day ends without one on our porch (for me). Ron has a beer. Glad you had a good time.

tiedyejudy said...

What a delightful trip! All the events you went to in today's post sound wonderful, and your fabric purchases are gorgeous! And I hope you post more about your upcoming dye experiments... time to get messy and have fun!

GerryART said...

Sounds like a wonderful time, Rayna

Gerrie said...

For your next R & R, I think you need to come to my house in Portland!!

Anonymous said...

Great fabrics Rayna- I would happily add them all to my stash.

patty a. said...

Sounds like you had a great time in Paducah. I saw some of those fabrics on their website when I was checking out fabric that was on sale. I did some damage myself, but it is coming in the mail. Hey, if you bought more than $200 worth maybe they would have shipped it for free, just like if you would have bought it on line.

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