Tuesday, June 05, 2012

too busy to blog

Last week was another merry-go-round of activity and it finally stopped tonight, so here I am -- feet on the ground. Wednesday and Thursday I taught a class in deconstructed screen printing. Here are just a couple of examples of the work that resulted.
Thursday night after class, I hot-footed it over the the Morris Museum for the opening of SAQA's Sightlines exhbit, an invitational by Virginia Spiegel. It's a traveling exhibit and if it comes to your area, don't miss it! The 14 pieces were hung very differently from the way they were hung in Houston; the pieces spoke to each other and the show was a stunner. My pictures didn't come out very well,but here is Shelley Brenner Baird's piece, done on her painter's old dropcloth.

On Saturday, I went to the NY Metro Modern Quilt Guild meeting. I hadn't been there in over a year so it was good to see old friends and meet new ones. Victoria Findlay-Wolfe, president of the group, has been writing a book based on her blog, 15 Minutes of Play (she has a few blogs). She has announced (so I can, too) that her book is coming out from C&T in the Fall.   I can't wait to see it and I will certainly review it on this blog as well as on the North Jersey Modern Quilt blog.

 After the meeting, we headed out to Williamsburg, Brooklyn - home of trendy restaurants (isn't all of Brooklyn these days?) and a food event called Smorgasburg, which happens every Saturday.  Dozens of food vendors assemble and you can work your way around, tasting cuisines from many countries. I headed for the pupusas, which were fabulous and honestly better than the ones I have had at my local Salvadoran restaurant. Here is a good view of the venue.

 It was pretty crowded, but well below the very specific limit set on this sign. 4,676?? Do you suppose the occupancy police actually show up and do a head count?  Another "only in New York."

Nearby Bedford Avenue is a funky street with bars, shops, bookstalls, and lots of grit and graffiti. Here is my favorite door.

And some street art whose artist has a sense of humor.  Can you read it??

 All in all, another joyful day in NY!


Bonnie Hall said...

WOW! The NY Times. Great shot of you.

Michele Bilyeu said...

I am so ready for my own pair of printed pants if I'd look this good in a pair! So, did you print them yourself and what does the text say? You look just beautiful by the way..light up that street with street style, indeed!

Mia Bloom Designs said...

Love the photos! The sign by the stump of wood made me laugh. I saw "Sightlines" at Long Beach IQF last year. Incredible exhibit! It looks like you really enjoyed your visit.

tiedyejudy said...

Missed you, but looks like you've been having a blast! Love the deconstructed screen prints... next month I have promised myself to play with some!

Fulvia said...

Yay! Someone I know actually saw Sightlines ... yay!

Gunilla.B said...

Hi Rayna! this was fun, smorgasburg, it´s wrong spelled, it´s called smorgasbord, it´s a swedish word, meaning sandwich table. that means you pick a lot of different food from a table. The word smorgasbord is a little out of date, we say buffé, but it´s the same, a lot of different food.

Rayna said...

Smorgasbord + Williamsburg (Brooklyn neighborhood) = Smorgasburg. LOL

Rayna said...

Inpossible not to enjoy a day in NY.

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