Friday, August 17, 2012

Another day in NY

So I met my friend Pam and her daughter Orah in Manhattan yesterday. They are from Montreal but Orah is in college in NY City.  We had a wonderful NY day, although I have to admit that the exhibits at MOMA were the worst I have ever seen. Conceptual, odd, depressing, obsessive - you name it.  Where was the ART??? No pix allowed and just as well, trust me.

When I taught in Canada in 2010, Pam took two workshops with me and I stayed with her and her family.  Yesterday, she brought with her (all the way from Montreal) the quilt she had made for Orah as a result of one of my classes, and at lunch, she brought it out to show me.
She brought another quilt with her, too, but since it is part of her reveal on the website Twelve by the Dozen, I promised not to post it till she had done so.

We walked and walked and walked and walked all over Manhattan and loved the store windows on 5th Avenue.  Louis Vuitton was the winner with this one. don'tcha just love it?  Everybody was taking pictures and she looked so real that we thought it was one of those people who stand still for a living. But she didn't blink so we figured out she had to have been a mannequin. You can't believe how real she looked.

 They had decorated the exterior of the building in stick-on polka dots to draw attention to this event. Can you see the hordes of camera-toting people out front? I took this from across the street. Great marketing!
After a wonderful couple of hours in Bloomingdale's gorgeous flagship store, where Pam found the shoes she had been looking for in Canada for 7 months, we parted company.  Here are some of the photos I took on my trek back to the Port Authority bus terminal at dusk.

The Times Tower from a distance.
Shubert Alley and the (pink) Shubert Theatre
Broadway at night
needs no attribution
 Tired but happy, as always when I have spent a day in the city.  Tomorrow, Brooklyn! NY three times in less than a week. I think I need a half-price metro card for the subway.


Nina-Marie said...

There is nothing I love more than exploring an art museum with my teen daughter - she always has insights that come with her fresh eyes. MOMA, Gugg, Brooklyn are on our MUST do list soon! You are so blessed that they are only a Metro ride away! That said - is it just me or does is the definition of Art - whatever you can get away with. I'm thinking Warhol really was right.

Unknown said...

I would have to agree with Nina-Marie. I don't have NYC to browse through, but when I do get out of semi-rural Colorado, it seems like what I'm seeing is strange or something. I'd love to spend a week in NYC walking and looking. Maybe some day.

Eva said...

This lady seems to be into calamari, but froze instead...

tiedyejudy said...

I doubt if I will ever get to N.Y., since I don't enjoy travel, but I do appreciate your photos and descriptions so much! As for art, I was pleased again at our local Center for the Art last Saturday... our Prelude exhibit opened, and the work there was beautiful for the most part. I'm going back with a friend on the 28th, and hope to get some pix.

Marianne said...

Joli récit de cette rencontre, j'ai me que les distances soit en partie abolies et la pub c'est top

Kim in ND said...

the dotty lady in the shop window is Yayoi Kusama, a very famous Japanese artist. Check her out on google

Pamela Chasen said...

Driving back to mtl after a satisfying , wonderful week - full of highlights - Rayna being one of them! Yes - we saw 'the lady' being advertised at the whitney museum - didn't manage to get there! So far partial success with the apt, hope to deal with the rest! Great seeing u again dear friend - a bientot - may it be soon!!

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