Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday stuff + on the wall part 2

First of all, I have to thank Kim in ND for calling my attention to the identity of the polka dot woman in Vuitton's window.

 She is the Japanese artist,Yayoi Kusama who is having a retrospective exhibit, as we speak, at the Whitney Museum. Of course, Vuitton is underwriting the exhibit as a tie-in to their polka dot offerings.  Guess I'll have to get to the Whitney to see the show one of these days.

Went to Brooklyn and back today to see Emma and her parents. Fun, fun, fun!  Got home late afternoon and tonight I am in my sewing room.  My piece got more and more confusing as I moved pieces around, added, subtracted, and revised. Nothing was working.

 I needed to go back to basics, so in the end I took everything extraneous off the wall.  Here is where I started. Simple.

 And here is the piece I made from the original blocks, to which I may add the elements on the right.  I am contemplating. In the meantime, it will sit here in its simplicity and tomorrow, when I am less tired, we will have a conversation.

This has been a long week, so I am turning in early tonight.  Company tomorrow.


Debbie Bein said...

dearest rayna, it was clear to me that what this was missing was polka dots! hugs to you, Debbie Bein

Vivien Zepf said...

Love these vibrant colors. Thanks for the heads up about the artist behind the window displays. They always do something rather optical illusion-like and pattern-heavy, but it's cool to discover there's an exhibition that's tied into it.

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