Friday, August 24, 2012

Thursday's therapy

Overwhelmed by the neatly stacked baggies of strips, strip sets, sliced & diced blocks, and bits I sewed together for my book, I thought, yesterday, "I need to DO something about all these leftovers.  I am sick of looking at the same old/same old and I'm not in the mood to use them as they are. Quite frankly, I am bored."  Seriously bored.
These are just a few of the random units sitting around.  If the two on the left look familiar, it is because they were part of my post the other day.
Remember that experiment?  I hated them so much that I took my trusty  stitch remover thingie
and took them apart.

On a whim, I decided to use one of those bits as the starting point and just cut it smaller and randomly sewed around it, using the zillion other strips I had lying around, including several that had been pieced together  You can see in this unit there are, besides the red and gray one, five other strips of things that had been previously pieced - used as-is.

Here, I used a beige/purple that had been pieced and cut a slice to put into this one. Using these bits makes me feel so much better -- despite no visible progress in decreasing the amount of STUFF I have.
 Once I started, I spent the entire day doing this and in one afternoon, managed to piece 13 random units.  It's like eating salted nuts or chips - you can't stop and even if you could, you don't want to.

These are mostly Helene's hand-dyes, but I think I will have to play with my stash of other fabrics because so many of my leftovers are a combination of hand-dyes and prints. On verra.


Sandy said...

Watch out my friend- I ended up with FOUR full sized quilts and a couple of tops using up those little blocks and leftovers. And ya know what, I also ended up with even more fabric somehow! Soon as the lights went out it procreates. Good luck. I do have to say that once you get going it's a great feeling to be working on a 'free' quilt!

Ahem, got your Florida tickets yet?

Nina-Marie said...

you know they look random but they also look related - for being left over they sure are interesting!! hmmmm - but now what??

Cathy Bargar said...

It makes me happy justbto look at your pieced "units"! Piece on, my friend - I am off to Sylvia's birthday party this weekend. Much as I love that little child, I am going to try to convince her parents that, starting next year, the birthday party need only involve the child's friends, not be a command appearance for every relative the kid has...wish me luck!


Linda Hicks said...

You make everything work out!!! What a touch. But I bet they do procreate as mentioned above.

Lisa Chin said...

Looking good! The best part about this addiction though is that it doesn't add to the waistline.

Eva said...

Oh this is wonderful. So looking forward to seem them put together!

wholly jeanne said...

What fun! Fun to look at, fun to read about. And I think they look related, too. Funny how that happens.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that sounds like such "peaceful" work! I must try it soon, but I don't have leftovers. I think I will just cut up a bunch of scraps and see where they take me!

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