Wednesday, September 19, 2012

still at it

Or, I should say at it again.  Sunday night's dinner with all the children and grandchildren and my mother was fun and the usual chaos. My grandsons are getting bigger and handsomer by the minute, but I was so busy cooking/serving that I only managed to use my camera once.  I had to take a picture of Miss Emma wearing the beautiful dress my French cousins sent her when she was born, so they could see it on her. You might as well see it, too.  She asked me for paper so she could play with her stickers.
I finally got the dishes and silver put away yesterday and went to the studio for the afternoon.  Printed 3 more scarves and dyed a few yards of fabric, some of which I love and some of which - what was I thinking?  In any case, the audition is over and I can now proceed with two pieces I have been agonizing over.

Met last night with my art crit group.  We haven't met all summer and it was sooo good to get together, although several were not there and we had a tornado watch. Tornado watch?? What's up with this stuff in New Jersey, lately? Scary.  Those climate-change naysayers should have been sent into outer space a long time ago.

Off to coffee, breakfast, and then the gym.


Nina Marie said...

First of all - want to say that I'm VERY thankful for the creative hours my own daughter spent with cheapie stickers - your grdaughter looks so cute playing with hers! Also - sometime could you blog out what you all do in art group and maybe share some pictures - I'm trying to start one here and but not quite sure where to go with that (grin)

Unknown said...

That little girl gets cuter and cuter. But, everytime I go into your page from the facebook link it freezes up and needs to recover. I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem. Won't abandon this page anyway, but is frustrating. Must be me.

Wendy said...

not a comment but a question: i am fascinated by your quilting book. BUT I don't understand it necessary to cut wavy edges when cutting strips of fabric to sew together? I don't get it! thanks! the book is terrific and I like your writing style..very approachable and easy going.

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