Friday, October 26, 2012

another week vamoosed

I've been juggling this week (and last) and trying not to drop any balls. Not sure I was successful.

Early this week felt like coming down with scratchy throat, but a few remedies like chicken soup and miso soup (is it that time of year again??) seem to have warded off the invaders. At least for now.

Since the end of last week, It has been one meeting after another - first, the  MQG meeting last week (which I only just had time yesterday to post about on their blog) and then, after a nonstop weekend, our Studio Six crit group.  didn't really have anything to show except one lopsided piece, since I haven't had time to work.

The baby quilt I started a couple of weeks ago in a moment of insanity has a couple of borders but still isn't big enough.  One more should do it, I think. But it will have to wait till I get back from Tahoe.
 Getting ready to leave at the end of the week and with the monster storm heading right for NJ - they are referring to it as FRANKENSTORM -- I have to get all the deck furniture into the house and all the cartons out of the garage so I can get my car in on Monday.  

There are all kinds of dire warnings about power and water and evacuation routes. Uh - NO. I think I will stay put.  Maybe I'd better get some yartzheit candles, though...they are the safest for power outages because they are in glasses and they last for 24 hours.  All week the maintenance guys have been working on the roofs; presumably they are battened down sufficiently (the roofs, not the guys).

We had a lively Modern Quilt meeting last week and I didn't even have time to post about it to the guild blog till yesterday. Here are a couple of quilts from the sharing segment of the meeting.

Jeremy's birthday was on Wednesday and I cooked two of his favorite dishes and brought them over there for dinner.  Gave me a chance to enjoy David and Jake and spend time with Anne Marie, hanging out til Jeremy got home.  All in all - a treat for me.

On a total whim, I bought a used iPad 1 on ebay last weekend in about 3 minutes. I suppose I should have bought a 2 but I have an iPhone camera which is just fine - and weighs less and didn't think it was worth the extra $$.  I just want to keep it in the kitchen.  I have been using the Internet a lot recently for interesting recipes and am sick of keeping Marty's old, big, heavy, 17" PC laptop on the island just for that. It takes up too much space so I decided an iPad was just the thing. It's perfect for that and I can check my email while I'm in the kitchen. Besides, Emma will be delighted when she comes here and can use it.  Works fine and I don't plan to carry it around with me.

Ok - back to deciding what goes in the supply suitcase...


Unknown said...

Stay safe in the storm and good luck with the packing. I love to use my husband's ipad in the kitchen to look up recipes. It works great for that. I love the quilts especially the one with swirls and the baby quilt. It is coming along well.

Marianne said...

Rester bien tranquille ce weekend, j'ai vu que votre tempête est annoncée assez méchante, nous nous avons aussi un weekend annoncé très froid avec de la neige mais heureusement sans vos vents.
J'aime bien votre quilt pour bébé. il est très joyeux et plein de chaleur
Bon séminaire à TAHOE, j'ai toujours rêvé d'y aller une fois tellement les profs sont toujours des artistes que j'aime

Jamie Fingal said...

Love, love, love the baby quilt that you made. It is full of so much energy and fun. Hope you stay healthy. Take care. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you are up to.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Will be thinking of you during Frankenstorm and your trip to Tahoe... I hope all goes well for you! And can't wait to see posts about the class when you get back. Wave when you fly over No. Ariz.! :-)

sophie said...

I use my iPad in the kitchen A LOT. You might want to check out the Pepperplate app. It has nice features for iPhone (i use it for my shopping list), iPad and there's a web application, too. No connection, I'm just a happy user who has become completely dependent upon it.

sophie said...

Oops, it looks like I fat-fingered the URL for Pepperplate. It should be

Eva said...

Thinking of you, hoping there will be no damage -- always hope for the best to happen!

apiecefullife said...

Hold on to something! And good luck.
My problem would be which project to work on by hand should the power go out.

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