Friday, October 12, 2012

off the wall Friday post

If you've been following Nina-Marie Sayre's blog, you already know that every Friday, if you have something fiber-related you'd like to share from your blog (it doesn't have to be current) you can submit a link to her blog.   People will then come to your blog to see what you are up to. Fun!

I haven't been up to much, but yesterday I received a delightful piece of fan mail from Lajla in Australia, with pictures attached of what she has been up to. She has my book and till now, never thought about reinventing random blocks.  BUT -recently, while she was visiting a friend, she spied this orphan on a shelf and immediately went to work transforming it.
Here it is in the process of being improved:-)
When she had finished the piece, she put a sleeve on and it is now hanging in her friend's living room, looking a lot more fun and spirited than it did originally!
 I simply LOVE getting photos like these, especially after going through the original Ohio Star block redo on my blog a few years ago, where so many of you participated. Amazing what a little surgery will do!

Thanks, Lajla! And thanks to all of you who were part of the original ugly block redo!


Nina Marie said...

LOL! cool idea - block make-over - I mean everyone can use a little sprucing up!! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for some of those random blocks that don't seem to fit in the original plan or design. I think I have one or two of those..... I think I do.

Eva said...

I'm not so sure... the orphan behind bars? Does the dark blue/cream go with the rest? The star is still visible, that's clever.

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