Monday, October 08, 2012

last week in a capsule

Busy days and early-to-bed nights all week have kept me from posting.  Tsk tsk, Rayna.
Let's see - where did the week go?  Here's a quickie overview so you can see what you did not miss.

Met the plumber about the leak in my mother's apartment from the apartment above after I just had the place painted. An ongoing saga.  Cleaned the place a bit and went home with a headache.
Skipped an evening meeting and went to bed early.

Stayed home, stitching the green piece I have been laboring over.

Caught the 4:00 bus to NY (remind me never to go at that hour again - what should have been a half-hour trip took 90 minutes). But it was worth the trip.

I met Merrilee Teich and her friend Emma for dinner and had a great time! Merrilee took a class with me in Springfield, MO several years ago and we have stayed in touch. This was her first trip to NY and I simply had to see her. It was great fun!  Here we are with coffee after a yummy dinner at Marseille.
In the studio, working on the commission of 50 scarves and reprinting some that I was not happy with.
Another ongoing saga. I had been planning to go to the Eileen Fisher outlet which was near the place I was meeting a friend for drinks and dinner, but never got out of the studio in time to shop. Another fun evening out with a friend I always enjoy being with!  

Cleaned up the studio.

Went to the semi-annual sale at the Eileen Fisher outlet, where I spent the credit that had been
burning a hole in my wallet, and then some.  Saved twice as much as I spent.

Then went to visit my friend who manages the Design Within Reach outlet and ended up buying a new, smaller table (the only one, so no picture)  and four of these comfortable chairs for the deck.
These will replace the rickety 16 year old table and discolored vinyl chairs.  Saved 5 times as much as I spent because it is the end of the season. Do I need to say I went home happy?

Taught a private class on printing in layers. Anita McLarin and Claude Larson created some beautiful cloth and went home with a new slant and lots of ideas for possibilities they would not have thought about.  I love giving private classes for two or three people because I can give them so much individual attention and really tailor the workshop to exactly what each of them wants/needs. 

Over the past year, I have been quietly setting up small group classes in my studio by request from people who want to come with a couple of friends. It has been super because they already know each other and are very comfortable commenting and being collaborative. People who drive from a distance for a multi-day class can stay nearby and share a room in a Best Western hotel. It works out great!

I'm happy to set up a private class for you if you contact me.

So here I am, having spent the whole morning blogging -- and haven't had coffee yet.  By now it is almost lunchtime, so I'd better get to work! 


Gerrie said...

Have missed you! I want to come and visit and go to the Eileen Fisher outlet - I buy a couple of outfits every year - just love EF! We have those chairs on our deck - probably the same table too!!


Eva said...

Missed you, too. Displayed your books on my shelf so that I see both of them all the time. Reading in them bits day by day. Letting the knowledge trickle into my brain an on to my heart. Loved to read your diary. You've been really busy!

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