Sunday, November 10, 2013

end of week 1 at home

First of all -- I can't thank you enough for all the birthday wishes - they brightened my day immeasurably -- as did these birthday flowers on my kitchen table.

 The rest of the week was less bright: by Wednesday night, my left knee was aching and by Thursday, I had decided it was bursitis brought on by all the traipsing around London and Paris for two weeks. (ok, no wise cracks, dear readers).

The doctor confirmed it was an inflammation of the bursa and sent me home with instructions to rest my leg, ice my knee, and take a prescription anti-inflammatory each day.  Oh, great. 

Friday, I wrapped an ace bandage around my knee and went to Brooklyn to see an old friend, followed by an evening with Emma and her parents.  I managed, although going down the subway stairs was a bit dicey.

I think the drugs are making me tired because I never left the house on Saturday and have been sleeping the weekend away and trying to remember to ice my knee.  It is much better.

While the trees are past their sell-by date, my woods are still a bit colorful, even as they lose their leaves.  If this were a painting, I would think it was trite.  

I have been attempting to sort through the zillion photos my mother left behind -- but I have neither time nor patience.  This will be a busy week.  Monday, Nov 11 I am going to Cécile Trentini's opening at The Art Quilt Gallery in NY from 6-7:30 pm and am looking forward to it!  If you're in the NY Metro area, drop in to see the exhibit.  She has come all the way from Zurich for the opening.

Off to ice my knee again so I can walk in NY again tomorrow, and then again on Friday when I go in again for a belated birthday lunch.  Never too late:-)).  


Eva said...

Hope your knee is well soon! What a nuissance for such an active girl like you. And: Happy belated birthday! Best wishes to you!

Connie Rose said...

Take care of your knee!! Hope you recover fully, soon. Time to rest is a good thing, though -- and sometimes our body wigs out when we least expect it, to remind us to slow down. So look at being laid up as a good thing.
Happy Thanksgiving!! xoxo

Cathy Bargar said...

Well, Happy (belated) Birthday - and no, it is NEVER too late to celebrate! I like to claim a birthday month myself, starting on Valentine's Day...and if I feel like it (which I haven't lately), I declare a Jubilee Year!

Take care of your knee, and let yourself rest a bit more. No matter how much fun it was to traipse around Europe wrecking your body, you need to give it the R&R it needs so you can do it again!

Marsha Cochrane said...

Happy belated birthday Rayna, I hope your day was great. Please let me know how Cecile 'a exhibit is, her work looks intriguing. Take care of yourself.

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