Monday, November 04, 2013

real world again

ARGH - I am glad to be back at my computer: blogging on the iPad is not as user-friendly and I think it loaded my posts in reverse order.  Oh, well.  

One more photo I forgot to load from that wonderful store that had the Pantone mugs: yep, iPhone covers in Pantone colors.  Oh,my.  I need to scour the Internet for these goodies.
We took the Eurostar back to London on Wednesday and my cousins France & Edmond met us at the Gare du Nord to take us to a goodbye lunch at the Terminus du Nord. Elegant and the food was outstanding. I have to say that outside of the croissants au buerre, the coffee, and the ficelles, the food was mostly just ok and not inexpensive.

The best meals we had were the falafel on the Rue des Rosiers,
the tagine and couscous we had the first night with France & Edmond, and then at the Terminus Nord across from the station before we took the Eurostar back to London.
 Didn't have the other seafood but the oysters were lovely.  What a treat!

Got home and dropped off the face of the earth? Uh - not exactly. But I still haven't caugt up on sleep. While we were in London, the clocks changed to standard time.  Then we got home and it was still daylight savings time for 48 hours before our clocks changed to standard time. Where am I?   I slept for 12 hours on Thursday night, was up at 4:am on Saturday, and have been hungry at all the wrong times again. ARGH. 
Since yesterday, I have been throwing away papers in my sewing room.  Read an article on clutter this morning that reminded me I am turning into my mother the hoarder.  The article says you should ask yourself "does it enhance my life?" and if not, out it goes.  Do I have my work cut out for me! I am trying to make room for my sewing machine...


Karen said...

I've been to that falafel place, it is so good. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

Oh my... I just posted on the wrong blog. My statement was... how do I know if it will enhance my life in future. You can guess the state of my closets. I really enjoyed coming along for the ride on your vacation. and no jet lag!


Eva said...

How confusing, all these time shifts! We just had one again, well, I'm retired, I don't change my watch, I keep my habits. If my lunch time was 1 pm, I have it when my body tells me to have it, that's 2 pm, during all the months when we have "summer time".
Nice to have you back though, hoping for news from your studio.

Julie Shackleton said...

Oh the clutter. At what point do we realise we have turned into a parent??? Mine was when I sat in my garage and viewed all my stuff. Most of it never used!!!! Help me.

Sandy said...

!will it enhance my life?' Just the mantra I need to dump so much crap around here! Thanks! And glad you had a good vacation- gorgeous pictures! Welcome home!

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