Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Blogger has been quirky on my iPad, so catching up.  On Sunday, my brother and I headed to the Warhol Museum, which is quite a place.  Pittsburgh is a city of bridges and this is one of the twins we crossed en route. I think it Is elegant.

The Warhol takes up seven floors of this building and there are no photos allowed inside, except on the first floor, where there are no exhibits;the gift shop and the art workshop downstairs. 

Here, people have a chance to silkscreen at shirt so they can get a feel for the process.
You can also do a blotted line drawing, which Andy did in early years.  There is lots to see and learn on the museum website http://www.warhol.org.  The man was unbelievably talented and I gained new respect for his diverse body of work.  Here is a guy demonstrating the blotted line technique.
Now, back to class.


Eva said...

Ha! I read Pittsburgh, and I thought of a punk song: "I'm in Pittsburgh and it's raining" by the Vibes.
Hope the vibes are good in your workshop!

patty a. said...

I should be ashamed of myself - all the times I have been to Pittsburgh and never visited the Warhol museum. I live 2 1/2 hours from Pittsburgh. I need to make a road trip!

Unknown said...

I visited the museum about 15+ years ago when we lived in Pittsburgh - I just saw his Farrah Fawcett in Austin TX too

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