Saturday, February 01, 2014

OMG, it's February

February.  Does anybody pronounce this word correctly any more, except for we antideluvians who speak correctly?  Sadly, not.  But the decline in grammar and pronounciation in this country is a subject for another blog rant.  My grandson Josh, who is almost 15, was highly bugged when I corrected his grammar -- but I am happy to say he has now become a member of the Grammar Police.  That's my kid!!:-))

Anyway, here it is, one month closer to spring -- and while I will not gloat about being in South Florida, I will say it is delicious to be here.  It's relaxing but a little too laid back for me to want to live here all year round.  However, it is  a splendid escape.

The first night we got here we had to go to the supermarket for some basic breakfast and lunch items. I LOVE Publix!  Imagine my joy when we came upon this section of the shelves!! McVities digestives!!
We are almost out of the ones we brought home from London in October and they are impossible to find at home.  We bought three boxes and will go back for more before we leave.  Also, HP (imported),
and such wonders as Branston Pickle, Salad Cream, Ty-Phoo tea, and Vegemite (all of which which we left on the shelves).  West Palm Beach is loaded with Canadian snowbirds, which is why I suspect there is so much British food on the shelves.  Yay!


So, today is Saturday February 1st and we went out for our morning walk around the village.  Halfway, we came upon a flea market in one of the parking lots and had some fun looking.  I bought three books for $1 -- I find I am reading rather than sewing, despite all the fabrics I packed in my suitcase.  Will I never learn?

This afternoon we headed into downtown and wandered down Clematis Street, which is a happening district with lots of bars, restaurants, hipsters, and a few galleries.  We wandered into a pop-up exhibht and while honestly, most of the art was not especially good, this sculpture caught my eye.  
While it may not look extraordinary, when I looked closely I saw the grain of the wood it had been carved from.  Incredible!  I would have bought it for one of my baseball-playing grandsons, but it was slightly beyond my budget.

Here was another amusing scupture.  The porcelain brushes were sold individually or as an installation. 

Went down to the pier on the waterway and watched the yachts and motorboats for a while. Across the water, Palm Beach.

This picture is fuzzy because the building was so far away.  But I had to take it becuase I love the name of this bank.  Fifth Third???? 
Finally, dinner at City Place: a delicious insalata pescatore!  Perfect weather for people-watching and relaxing -- and a yummy way to end the day.
Now, time to go read one of those books I bought this morning...


Janet W said...

Fifth Third Bank is from Cincinnati where I lived for many years. It was formed from the merger of the Third National Bank and the Fifth National Bank--both strange names in and of themselves.

Rayna said...

That's pretty hilarious.

Sandy said...

Am I making your day? Hope so.

Anyway, if you need somebody to play with I'm around this week- would love to catch up. S

Luann Fischer said...

Miss Rayna,
I think a stop in Summerville, SC would delight your humor bone. I moved here 6months ago and I am still trying to understand the street names. My favorite one being, West Fifth North Street. It's a quaint little town, with friendly people and real southern hospitality abounding. If you're ever in Charleston, SC. stop on by.
Luann Fischer

Lori R. said...

All I know about diggy biscuits, I learned from GASLIGHT!

I agree with the need for GRAMMAR POLICE ... my store is in Washington, not WARSHINGTON. Ha ha.

Eva said...

Fifth Third Bank seems to be a Borg ship after emergency landing -- Seven of Nine guided them down.

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