Friday, June 12, 2015

An afternoon of Art

While you were reading the previous post (and I really hope you followed that link), I was starting to post some visual highlights from the Tucson Museum of Art.  
What a lovely museum, and just the right size for me.  Don't you love the shadows on the wall?
Here are some of my favorites from the contemporary exhibition.  
This is by Miriam Shapiro, who uses cloth and clothing in her work.  

And this one is by Jaune Quick To See Smith, whose work always speaks to me.

After a lovely dinner in a restaurant that specializes  in the cuisine of Mexico City, I crashed early.  Still on jet lag.


Julie said...

Stimulating artwork, Rayna and yes, I did follow the link and laughed out loud at the many echoes in my own fabric life. I think the talk has gone global!

Linda Hicks said...

Glad to see a little more of Tucson. Have been visiting on line w a childhood friend there. Read in the paper this morn that there are some fierce killer bees in the Tucson area. It also seems I have been reading more and more of filmmakers and writers who moved there at some point. Thanks for this post! I enjoyed as usual!

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