Wednesday, June 24, 2015

vacation on the deck

After yesterday's impossible heat/humidity, the rain cleared it away and today is soft and dry with a lovely little breeze.  A perfect day. I'm taking advantage of it with a mid-afternoon break on the deck, from the computer, where I was researching the Sao Paolo airport (reviews from travelers are grim and apparently nobody in this international airport speaks English (or even Spanish or French)  Consequently, I have been on Google translate trying to find out how to say "where is the ladies' room?" and other various necessary questions in Portugese. I did find the airport website, which at least told me that my arriving airline and departing airline leave from the same terminal -- and that I have my choice of two airline lounges.  Both of my flights are overnight, so my 11 hrs in the airport between flights is during the day.  At least I won't have to worry about where to sleep while I am there.

The Bambis have been ransacking my garden again, despite the anti-deer spray. I was so happy to see these beautiful daylilies yesterday, that I took pictures.
Here's what my garden looked like this morning.

I am attempting to get two weeks worth of clothes and five days worth of 4 different workshops into one suitcase.  Right now, all my stuff is on the living room floor - do you see why I need a mid-afternoon break?  This is probably an exercise in futility, but I have numerous flight changes en route to Durban and think that one suitcase has a better chance of arriving than two. It's a crapshoot, however  and we will see.

I have also loaded up with 5 or 6 books in my carry-on (what else will I do for 11 hours in an airport?)]

On another subject, as I was going through my UFOs the other day, I came across this top that I never made into an actual quilt.  What was I THINKING?  1976.  Cut with scissors, pieced by hand. I am trying to decide how to cut it up.

That's today's update.  I am now going to put my feet up, read the rest of today's NY Times, and then force myself back to the packing and the organizing (not necessarily in that order. 


badmomgoodmom said...

1976 bicentennial, red/white/blue quilt, makes sense to me.
FWIW, I really like the graphic nature of the quilt top as-is. I'll take it off your hands and trade you something if you like.

Hilda said...

I would be glad to accompany you to Sao Paulo! (Was born there and speak Portuguese.) I think you'll find that most people in Brazil will be accommodating to your English. (Brazilians generally love Americans and I'm sure you'll get by.) Are you teaching in Brazil or just in transit? I missed an opportunity to take a class while you were in Tucson...have good friends there, and you said you have yet to teach in New Mexico.

Kaja said...

It's funny you are going to Durban, as I glanced at your red/white and blue quilt at the bottom of the post and my first thought was that it looked a bit like some African beading patterns. Five changes and 11 hours in an airport is my idea of merry hell - hope you survive it!

Linda Hicks said...

You are a quilting soldier. Much admiration here. Much pain..greater gain! Bon Voyage!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

I am always in awe of anyone willing to travel these days... my idea of pure torture! Hope you have a peaceful, uneventful trip to/from, and fun while you are there! As for the books, this may be the only time I would be tempted to get a Kindle... would take up less space and weigh less!

Gunilla.B said...

So you are going to teach in South Africa! How exciting! ( But tiering, don´t know how to spell that)with all the travelling!
I am not sewing in summer. just gardening, at 3 different places

Claire said...

I feel sorry for your poor daylilies. That is one of the few things our deer leave alone so they replaced roses in the front yard.

Lynnwa said...

Your quilt is interesting as the colors fit right in with today's bright fabrics! If you want to whack it up, I just slice into mine all different sizes and shapes and then add to my "made up fabrics" pile so I can add them into different projects. Love doing that.

Ann said...

Enjoy your trip. I'm sure the classes will make it worthwhile. While I agree with you about taking minimal luggage I don't think I could pack clothes and supplies in only one bag. Impressive!
Do you "set your books free" as you finish them or bring them home? I used to buy paperbacks I could leave behind for trips but finally started using an iPad. Not sure if it would work overseas - too many different plugs.

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