Wednesday, June 17, 2015

still in a time warp

Eating at odd hours, staying up late, and waking up early.  Oh, dear. So here I am at midnight eating toast and peanut butter with a cup of tea, taking a break from cleaning and organizing this sewing room so I can think straight. Haha - this will take more time than I have.  I have emptied my suitcases so that I can pack them again, and since I am teaching four classes in five days, I need to take a lot of STUFF. Logistics require a sorted room to  figure out what I need for 4 different classes.

Speaking of classes - you may remember this in-process piece posted from my Friday color class in Tucson.

What a happy surprise to get Karen's picture today of the finished piece! Dynamic composition and an unexpected fourth color, which adds such richness. I hope to get photos from some of the others.

I spent some time this afternoon puttering around and came across this baby quilt which I made in 1994.  I never could bear to part with it beause it uses vintage fabrics from the blanket covers and aprons my Nanny made from 1940's & '50's fabrics she brought home from the dress factory where she worked:stripes and plaids, particularly.

Now that I've rested my feet for a bit, I can go back to sorting for a while, at least. 


Linda Hicks said...

LOVE that 4th color and more.
The baby quilt brought up many images...just finished The Boston Girl.

Kaja said...

I love how the piece from your class ended up; I hope you do get more pictures of finished pieces. Sorting is no fun, but sometimes just has to be done.

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