Wednesday, August 03, 2016

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For the last couple of weeks I've had my head down at the sewing machine, quilting several pieces. Takes forever - a relatively small piece took three days, just to quilt straight lines.  Drudgery, which I am not about to outsource unless it is an emergency.   But even when two of my pieces (one, a bed sized quilt) were outsourced, I still have to trim them and face them.  Not a pretty prospect...especially late at night.

On Monday I was recruited to babysit for Miss Emma, whose mother was in California and whose father was in Vermont - both working.  So, I hopped the bus and the subway and picked Emma up at ART camp at 4:00. We walked home (I got my 10,000 steps in on Monday) and Emma complained that she was running out of fabric. LOL - I guess I'll have to remedy that situation.

Then we went out for dinner.  Emma ordered her favorite cavatelli and broccoli (which turned out to be broccoli rab).  She loved it,thinking it was spinach.

and I, needing protein, was seduced by what was called pizza carbonara. Yep, pancetta and eggs. Sounds odd, but it was divine! And oh, if I could only make a crust lilke that...
This morning, I dropped Emma back at ART camp.  Led by a 6 year old tour guide, we took the subway one stop. We took the wrong exit out, but Emma knew how to approach where we were going from the opposite direction -- and led me by the hand. LOL. Then, I was on my way back - subway to 42nd st.  Before I got on the bus, I stopped at the international grocery and stocked up on spanikopita, taramasalata,Greek feta, tatziki, olives, and pita. I figured it would get me through Wednesday and Thursday.

Here is the view from the helix, coming out of the Lincoln Tunnel on the NJ side.

I was home by lunchtime and back to work.


Cathy Bargar said...

Miss Emma, at the sewing machine! Be still my heart❤️❤️❤️! The competence of 6 year olds is astonishing, isn't it? Love hearing about her, and always love seeing her.

Did I tell you I have another grandaughter coming in the fall? LOCAL, my daughter's daughter!!

Linda Hicks said...

Loved this post!!

Charlotta said...

Will you give Emma some of your fabric or take her fabric shopping?

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