Saturday, August 13, 2016

Losses, and so on and so forth...

I have a piece in process on my wall and have walked away from it umpteen times.  I have been working with some of the pajama/apron/who-knows-what fabric scraps left over from my grandmother's 1940's and '50's stuff.  She worked in a dress factory during and after The War and made blanket covers for everyone in the family (aka duvets).  

Decades ago, after she died, I wanted to use some of those fabrics in my quilts. So I took apart the blanket covers and saved whatever fabrics were not worn through.  Seersuckers, plaids, stripes -- woven, not printed - so the patterns went through both sides.

You can see - on the left is the back of the fabric; on the right,the front.

Here, the front of the fabric is on the bottom - with the black stripe.

In my early quilting days, I used them in baby quilts.  And I made a wall quilt for my mother out of her mother's fabrics, which she loved.  It disappeared off her wall when she was in the PLACE.  Gone. Vanished.

 In any case, I have gotten out the bags of fabric straps and am playing.   This is what I had the other day - in its 300th "move-the-pieces-around till you are happy'' incarnation.  I am still working on this small piece and have already moved things around.  But at least, for the moment, I am working on something for myself.

On the subject of things disappearing, my beloved bracelet that I have worn every day for almost 35 years, is gone.  The catch must have come loose and it must have slipped off my wrist when I was shopping or walking or whatever on Tuesday.  It was my 40th birthday gift from my not-yet-husband.  I have never seen another exactly like it. But this is close enough for me to have sent a photo to the insurance co.

I keep telling myself that it is only a THING.  But it was a thing with emotional attachment.  Never mind - I can keep the emotional attachment without the THING.

On another subject: I posted an article on facebook a little while ago that a woman won her lawsuit against the state of NJ, who said she could not have a license plate that said "8thiest" She said she received a message stating her request was ineligible as it "may carry connotations offensive to good taste and decency." that if she wanted one that said "Baptist," no problem.  What happened to separation of church and state??  Censorship by some self-appointed decency police was knocked down by the court.  Hooray! Interesting article - and list of license plates that are now acceptable, since those decency police at the DMV lost their case. Big smile.

On another censorship note - there was a discussion on Quiltart about quilts being censored from exhibitions or not published in magazines because someone decided they were offensive.  Really?  This still goes on?  

In any case, if you haven't read Tanya Brown's brilliantly funny blog post on the subject, click on this link and don't miss it. An hilarious post on a serious subject.  The Decency Police live on in the Quilt World.

And on that sad note...


Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

God forbid someone might be offended! lmao! I say they (the PC police) need to get over it!
As for the loss of your bracelet... years ago, I came home from work one day to find our home had been burglarized... my entire jewelry box had been lifted. There were no items of great value money wise, but there were 2 pieces of jewelry - my grandfather's watch fob and my step mom-s pinky ring - that I loved and there is no replacing them. But you are right, the emotional attachments and memories still remain. I love that you still have fabric from your grandmother's duvets to work with... maybe some day Emma will do the same with some of yours!

Linda's Art Quilts said...

Just feel compelled to tell you that your posts always bring a ray of light into the days. Not only do I love your art work but your open, friendly communication makes me feel that I know you. Thanks for taking time out of your very full days to share your creations and your life.

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