Wednesday, February 22, 2017

she's back...for the moment

Life interferes with life -- and with art.  Have you noticed??  

My big deadlines are over. Today I sent out a piece that will be exhibited at the Kirkland Gallery in Clinton, NY.  When I get home in April, I will be gathering pieces for a solo exhibit, May 6 & 7 at the Northern Star Quilt Show in Danbury, CT.  So I've been a bit busy.

In addition, the 1970s era bathroom renovations are underway. 

Master bath in process, with the usual "it takes twice as long and costs three times as much" (or vice-versa.I can never remember which).  Still waiting for shower doors, granite, and for something to be done about the water pressure in the new shower, which was fine before. Grrrrrrrr.  Meantime, at least we have one good strong (old) working shower in the guest bath.  Never a dull...

I have also been shopping for another apartment to use as a studio -- another time-consuming task. My guest room needs to remain as such; it has been difficult working in there and then spending 3 days cleaning up when I have overnight company, as I did this past weekend, when Hilary, Josh, and Ben were here.  

I found a one-bedroom/one bath one in another area of the village which will be great for my purposes and gives me an extra guest room in case I have an overflow.   Best of all, no carpet - so if I want to use it as a wet studio, I can.  We shall see.

In the meantime, it will all wait until I get back from QuiltCon.  Phil and I are leaving this morning to drive to Savannah.  Have never been there and we'll spend some time being tourists while we are there.  This is also my first QuiltCon and I hope/expect to meet up with some friends while I am there.  I'll take lots of pictures and post on Facebook, Instagram, and hopefully, here.  It will be interesting to see how the vibe differs from Houston.  Will keep you posted.


patty a. said...

Bathrooms are a challenge to put together. The new low volume shower head could be part of the problem.

Unknown said...

Just focus on the beautiful end result. Be careful in life and both of you take care of yourselves and each other. Sure would be fun to see you out here again. Sounds like Florida is becoming more permanent.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Nothing sweeter than a hot shower full blast...good luck getting the bathroom updated! Busy Florida, play, work and more play!

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